Just Thinking... Again lol

Hi Everyone! Is there a way we can create a group and everyday post one positive thing that happened in our day? Maybe this willhelp up us instead of posting all of the pain we go through dealing with anxiety. I created a group on fb a few weeks ago but I don't have many people participating in that so I thought maybe we can do it somehow up here.


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  • I'm rather new to this page so don't know if you can gather a few to follow ea other and post there ea morning?

  • i would be up for it. Don't know how to create a group though.

  • I was looking but I don't see how. I will look further in to it.

  • ok keep us informed :)

  • Scroll to the very bottom of the screen, there is a part about starting your own community. Maybe you should look there.

  • Thank You. I found it and requested to start a community for positive thinking. I will be contacted in 24 hrs.

  • Good, let me know how it goes :)

  • Sure Thing! 😊

  • 2 weeks ago i got a puppy and he is so lovely although my workload has increased immensely and pee on the carpet is not much fun... BUT... having an animal to love and care for and having to keep the floors clean and tidy and having to maintain a routine and exercise every day is doing wonders for my anxiety levels.

  • Hi, I agree. I have a cat but I had Him for 13 years and now he doesn't do much but sleep lol. Maybe I should look into a puppy now.

  • Well I don't think it needs to be a puppy or another animal just a daily routine that keeps you busy and involves exercize and an interest that motivates you and stops you focussing on yourself and your worries. I also think caring for and serving others instead of always focussing on ourselves is beneficia...l be they people or animals.

  • Thank You for that. I didn't look at it in that way and it makes sense.

  • Hi

    I think that's a great idea ..

    We all suffer but focusing on the positive is more up lifting , I would like a group focused on us all finding a positive thing each day 😀

  • Have you had anything happen yet about this new group Tanae?

  • Hi, I haven't received any response back yet. When I originally did put the request in, I received a message saying I will hear something back within 24 hrs but... nothing.

  • yes please count me in!

  • I haven't heard anything back yet. I have to check my email again

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