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Blog vs chat?

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I have no complaints about this site and love the people on here all coming together to help each other out, but sometimes I just like a chat and a cup of tea (maybe some cake)!

For many people this site offers anonymity and being able to access advice from the comfort of their own surroundings, but I just wondered how people felt about meeting or chatting with other anxiety sufferers.

Has anyone been to group support sessions or met up with others in similar situations. I did do group CBT and got a couple of peoples numbers but we never really met up afterwards. I have also tried the "chatrooms" on other website as I like the idea of sending instant messages between a group of people, but many are from America and not on the same timezone so wasn't really useful for me.



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Hi Anxious - i understand what you mean. It would be nice to "chat" sometimes, although I will admit that for me, atm, "letting people in" is quite difficult - partly because i never really know how I'll be at any time - good, bad or ruddy awful lol! :(

One possibility would be something like Yahoo/Messenger? People could retain their anonymity if they wished - and there would be no pressure? We could, for instance, say people who wanted to chat should log in at such and such a time on such and such a time, but only if they wanted to. Then we'd see if anyone else was on line and chat if we wanted to?

I'm not sure if this is what you meant? It might be a step towards people who are geographically close taking it a step further, and meeting up for coffee or such, but that would be their decision.

Let me know what you think




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I have same problem Rose , it would be nice to sometimes meet people , but like you from day to day , health problems included , i couldnt be relied on , this way I dont feel i am letting any one down coming on the site , as i can pop on & of

A messanger would be a good idea though ...thats some where in the middle

whywhy xxx

EnglishBriarRose on Yahoo messenger! ;) xxxxx

Rose that's exactly what I meant. I agree it's totally an individual decision. For me personally my anxiety isn't focused so much on socialising and social situations and I love a good chat.

I think instant messaging would be a good start. It means you can just chat generally about things it wouldn't always have to be about anxiety, you could keep it as serious or fun as you like. People who wanted to could join in however unlike official chat rooms I guess we would just have to trust in one another as it wouldn't be moderated. It would be more like chatting with friends.

And as you said this might lead to actual meet-ups for those who wanted to go that extra step.

We have a great community of people here and I just think there might be more to explore?

I don't know how this stuff works really but after doing a goigle search there even seems to be websites where you can set up chat rooms although not sure how moderating and privacy rules work etc.

I wonder that if enough people were interested if we could propose a chatroom to Anxiety UK?

You can message admin to suggest such links to see if it is something they can do in the future???

I messaged them to see if they could set up a list of any local help group that we as sufferers could add too......where you could access and find if there were any self help groups near you......

To add to above....any local coffee groups.....ha ha......

Dear Anxious_hb,

I hope that I can help you. You may already be aware of this but there is a chatroom on this site.

If you go to the home page of anxiety uk and look on the right side of the page you will see a blue sign saying 'for members'. Click on this and on the page appearing, on the left hand side you will see the words 'chat room'. Click on this.

I hope this helps you.

Kindest regards,


Dear Anxious_hb,

The instructions to find the chat room were partially incorrect. I am sorry. First of all,on the home page there are, near the top right hand corner, the words 'Anxiety uk' and underneath that the words 'visit our website' Clock on the words 'visit our website' and then follow the instruction in my previous message.

kindest regards,


I agree with a lot of what has been said but my experience of chat rooms has not been good. This was highlighted in my recent blog and the reply from Rose and others. They do seem to be teenage talk rooms. I feel we can exchange information on this site well and if any advice is felt necessary that needs to be discussed in private then the messaging service is available. I am always open to that. Chat rooms may need monitoring and we have to be careful of censorship. Also, the good people who administer this site are volunteers and this could put an added burden on them. Best wishes. jonathan.

I have tried to log in to the chat room but it appears you have to be a member to do so. I am a member but my password has not been accepted so am awaiting password confirmation. Will let you know the outcome. j.

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marcusvanbreugel in reply to

Dear Jonathan,

In case you have not heard from anxiety uk with regards to a password, i emailed anxiety uk yesterday to get a password and i received one the same day. They roughly replied with 2 to 3 hours. It should not be too long before you receive yours.

Kindest regards,


Hi all - i'm a bit confused. I clicked on the Chat room link on the Anxiety UK site, and it said - i quote

"Anxiety UK now has a live chat instant messaging service where you can speak to one of our trained volunteers, many of whom have personal experience of anxiety and depression. They can help you navigate around the site, and will be able to answer any specific questions you may have."

I'm not sure this is what anxious_hb meant - just a place where people who have got to "know" each other on this site can "chat" in real time. I've had as you know a bad experience of a chat room and wouldn't particularly want to join another; i also agree that we shouldn't put too much pressure on the Admins - but just thinking about how,if people on here wanted to, they could get to "chat" - and one of the messenger programs would seem to fit the bill. I tried logging in to my normal Messenger account with my alias, but it won't let you do that - it used to, but now if you change your screen name, it changes it across all your accounts - and I've got loads :( Which is why I've downloaded Yahoo Messenger, with an alias, as - forgive me - I'm not quite ready to "come out of the closet" yet and I'm sure i wouldn't be the only one who would prefer to stay sort of anonymous. Also, on the Messenger programs, you CAN appear "offline" to individuals, if anyone SHOULD annoy you - though I can't imagine any of the lovely people on here doing so - or even if you're just not wanting to "chat" at the time :( you can go "offline" to them - although you're not, if that makes sense! ;)

That said, I've given my Yahoo ID above - - and i'm happy to "chat" to anyone from this group, if they want to.

Lots of love



There are lots of people who have anxiety but who still meet up face to face once in a while.

I was in a group some time ago where the members of the group arranged to meet every month in a cafe or a pub or something.

I think for me it is vital I have face-to-face conversation. And so today I do make a point of attening certain meetings as such.

I understand the dilemma of nof feeling up to meeting people. I know from experience how anxiety causes us to retreat behind closed doors. Even so, I have found there is no substitute fro meeting people.

And when the people you meet all have experience of anxiety, talking about it in a meeting can bring a lot of hope.

swan : )

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BriarRose in reply to swanlinnet

Yes, Swanlinnet,I entirely understand that, but for some people that isn't an option/something they can do - or can do at the moment. Ok, communicating online isn't the same as face to face - although some of my best friends are "online" ones, and I'd trust them with my life! - but it's better than nothing, and for some with agoraphobia/social anxiety, it's a "safe" alternative to the local coffee shop!




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Hi.swan If you can do this it is invaluable because it is still 'face to face' and sharing. As Rose says, some can't get out so the sites are useful. As you say, meeting in a group can bring a lot of hope. If we see someone recovering before our very eyes what could be better. Best wishes. jonathan.

HI, i feel ive spent my whole life surching for people who feel similar to me but i just dont seem to find them, i do live in a small town outside of london so theres not availible without a bit of travel and ive developed agoraphobia which makes life hard just going to my local town let alone travelling. x

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Well, you found them here sam. You probably mean groups and I agree.There are not many about and if you suffer from agoraphobia that is an added disadvantage. Have you looked at the recent blog "Claire Weekes"? Couple of days ago I think. Could be the answer to your problems. If you can't find it come back to me. Regards jontahan.

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Found a question called claire weekes but thats just about her book which I already have................?

in reply to Pickle165

The book you already have is the last one published. "Essential help for your Nerves". If you get any other books by her then you will be duplicating what you have already got. If you have any further problems with this then send me a message and I may be able to help. Regards. j.

depression alliance have a good chat room for everyone at the same time if you like that sort of thing, i prefer something a little more personal so i can get to know some one properly.

Glad to see my questions provoked some reactions!

I do agree that "chatrooms" so to speak can be hit and miss and do present added admin, but I do like the idea of chatting in "realtime" .

I think the idea Rose had is probably more appropriate to most people's situations. I am thinking of creating a new yahoo (without my name in the email) to enable me to do this. I like the idea of this email account being just for this and when I log into messenger I can see a few familiar names if I fancy a chat.

I'm now and happy for people from this group to add me.

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