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been in hospital- trigger!!!!

Hi Everyone

Just been discharged form hospital yesterday with a serious kidney infection. Staff really nice but admitting made a mistake- they told me I was pregnant and that they had tested my urine twice- This is impossible due to the fact I am a virgin and broke up with my boyfriend who left me a virgin in April!!!. Needless to say I was very upset by this since the fear of being pregnant is one of my triggers, Anyway my phantom pregnancy was never mentioned again by any of the docs and the positive results has magically disppeared from the hospital notes- a blood test was taken with my consent while I was there and the G.P checked today and of course I am not pregnant the result was a big fat negative. I am annoyed that such a mistake could happen. I am truly mysitified. My discharge letter etc and all the hospital notes do not mention anything. Disgusting!!! I knew logically I was not pregnant but I have GAD and being on my own in hospital on my own was bad enough without this mistake as well. Sorry to belther on but still feeling poorly from my kidney problem. I am doing my techniques but just wanted to share, xxx

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Bless you , that must have been an ordeal hun , stupid idiots grr

Well you would have gone down in history from what you say if you had been !

But as its your fear it must have felt a right trauma

They do make mistakes I am afraid , & yes the notes do all of a sudden dissapear ????

It has happened to me before , i had a cyst they said they had removed it , a nurse kept coming & packing it for a week , I was in agony , then it burst open , went back the cyst was still there , i put it to them they had removed it ...guess what they couldnt find the notes that said they had !!! had to have it done again a deeper cut as well because the skin around it had got infected , i am just telling you this so you no its not just you & no it didnt do me any good as I have a fear of hospitals panic before I even get near the door !!!

You are home now & need to take care & rest & hope you have a quick recovery

Be kind to yourself :-)

Thinking about you


whywhy xxx


Thanks whywhy- What I meant about the notes is that they were all there - docs read them in hospital read the urine results out to me found blood, protein etc no baby! Never mentioned by anyone ever again.

Went to G.P today and told her and she checked my files from the hospital no mention of phantom baby, no mention on discharge notes and a big fat negative on blood test.

Someone obviously slipped up in admitting- not good.

Anyway, onwards and upwards. xxxx


Admire you with a positive attitude "up & onwards , good on you , dont let there error get you down

Have some me time , spoil yourself a bit you deserve it ;)


whywhy xxx


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