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Hospital Trip


Hello all! Hope you’re having a brilliant day!

Just come back from the hospital, woke with severe dizziness this morning and had it all day so was advised to go

To the hospital. Been referred to the ENT, they think it’s possible Ménière’s disease although will know more once I’ve had the appointment. Feel a little bit anxious about it but at least now I’m getting answers. Coped well in the hospital, I usually get very on edge and fidgety but I actually felt very calm when I was there so pretty proud of being able to manage.

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Oh no! I can imagine. I freak out at doctors and hospitals. My mother and now my son from hearing my mom say I freak out at everything though. If they only knew! I get dizzy so much that I would not go to hospital anymore. This proves that it’s always better to be safe than sorry. Praying you get positive results. Or negative not having it but positive to you. Ok I’m still tired. Lol. Glad you are okay for the most part. Best wishes for quick answers in your favor. ❤️

Thank you hopeful-tinkerbell 🙂

It’s awful isn’t it! One of the places that you know is safe can be the scariest place to be.

Fingers crossed, I just hope I can overcome whatever is causing it 🙂

I hope you’re ok and having a good day ☺️ xxx

Cs131193, I was diagnosed with Miniere's but I'm not too sure, some medical people will always stick a physical illness label on something because they understand physical illness more than nervous illness.

I had a couple of episodes of real vertigo, couldn't cross the room, it went away but left me with a slight lightheadedness. One doctor called it Benign paradoxil ? ? , that illness that can be cured by the Epley Manouver (look it up). Sometimes I can hear my heart beating that's called pulsile tinnitus. By the way I'm in my 70s.

In your case as in mine and many others I think it's very difficult to differentiate whether the dizzy symptoms are caused by anxiety or some normal physical illness.

I suppose the easiest way is take a quick acting tranquilliser during a period of dizziness ad and see if the dizziness goes. It it does it's anxiety, if not physical.

Cs131193 in reply to Jeff1943

Thank you for your reply Jeff1943.

That’s true, that’s why part of me is wondering wether it is or not.

I will definitely look up the Epley Manouvre and see if that helps in some way.

Thank you very much for your advice 🙂 I hope you’re well!

There are Youtubes on how to do the Epley manouvre to dislodge particles that come to rest on the balancing 'hairs' in the inner ear. They usually go of their own accord after a few months. The Epley manouvre has a very high success rate. Good luck.

Cs131193 in reply to Jeff1943

Thank you Jeff1943, I will check them out now, thank you once again for your advice 😀

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