Kidney oain

Kidney oain

Can anyone please help me, for last 2 days I've had pain in lower back but I think it's my kidneys or a kidney stone I'm am petrified to have surgery if there is a stone, I am peeing a lot but that's cuz I am drinking loads of water and cranberry juice, my pee isnst stinging me it's not a few drops it's normal and normal light colour, please has anyone had this and what should I do, my dr is opening tmrw il go see a dr, scared to go Hosp cuz they will say they failing on me, my mum thinks I could be pregnant I have 8 days for my period, I shouldn't be peeing a lot this early??


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14 Replies

  • If you had a kidney stone you would of been to the hospital by now. I've had several over my life time and they are unbearable pain. I'm no doctor though

  • Why else would I be getting g pain not muscle I can tell difference

  • I'm not sure. It may be a stone that is moving but it shouldn't be anything serious. If it was doing something it shouldn't then its pain that you can't physically stand you have to go to a&e. But that's just my opinion, go a&e they can take a urine test and bloods ans do a scan and rule anything out

  • I will go see my GP , if they do a urine yeah will they be able to see if I have or not?

  • I'm not 100% sure but I'm sure they can pick up urate levels to see if their is an issue. Don't quote me on that though

  • It could be a simple pulled muscle. If you're not too uncomfortable, wait until tomorrow and go see you regular doctor. Good luck!

  • Hi shamila7861, Of course we are not doctors but I could comment by experience. The kidneys are above the waistline. The pain you are having seems more like muscle or disc problem. Finally even being in Kidney Failure does not cause back pain but rather other symptoms which alert the doctor to doing a blood test. I think before you jump to all kinds of conclusions, let the doctor do his exam and relieve your mind. Take it easy..and let us know how it all turns out.

  • Hi


    Yes I am going tmrw to see a dr, it's weird cuz hot water bottle really helps, but the pain feels like it's inside and a really burning sensation like I don't know how to say it that area stings me

  • Hi, sounds more like a nerve pain. Hot water bottle would help if it's muscular. (maybe pressing on a nerve) Did you do anything unusual or strenuous recently? I'm glad you are seeing your doctor tomorrow. I wish you good luck. Feel better soon.

  • Just spoke to a dr he told me to drop me wee sample in buy mean Time take a 3 day course of antibiotic without seeing me and knowing I have a infection, he asked where the pain was I said lower back in middle , he asked if I was shivering or had a fever I said no, so they will test at the dr but then send to lab for further tests

  • shamila, I wish you well with the lab tests. Your doctor knows what's best for you. Hope you start feeling better very soon. Take it easy..

  • I had kidney stones a couple months ago, i kept peeing often but no a lot was coming out, then the pain from my back spread to my side and it was so bad i ended up in the e.r. If it is kidney stones you would know, the pain made me throw up

  • Mine is just mainly in back in middle, the air hits it and it's like a stinging sensation probably cuz I keep using a hot water bottle but it's on both sides, well the middle part, did u have surgery

  • No, they said surgery is only for large stones that cannot be passed. Once it finally made its way to my bladder i was fine. Honestly peeing it out wasnt even all that painful.

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