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Hey today's my first day of taking this tablet please someone tell me there's light at the end of the tunnel?? I can't sleep as mind is in over drive , having lots physical symptoms does anyone else get them. Tension headaches, tingles, tired all the time, constantly feel like need to take deep breath, backache, not really, doc said all part of stress etc but just trying to get on with things hoping these tablets really do help xx

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Ok, there is a light at the end of the tunnel!! For the first two weeks you my feel VERY up and down but that is just the medication adjusting your chemical balance. No need to worry. It is important though that you don't solely rely on the meds and continue with any psychological and wellness support you are having.

Keep us posted!



To help you with your sleep dear friend; have you ever thought of springling a few drops of lavender on your pillow when you are about to go to sleep. And also have you ever tried a cup of warm milk with Horlicks(original Malted Milk Drink). If don`t work.then take a small volume of sleeping pill! But try to avoid it if you can! Only when desperate use it! I used what you have beeb prescribed but I now use LOREZEPAM when in a panic state...half of it when I neeed it. It is helping me...but I have the similar agitating conditions like yourself...!! I live on my own...which makes matters worse at times!! Can you imagine ...if you don`t have any one to speak to!!!It sucks!!


Aww no that must be horrible having no one to talk to I have 2 children so they are kind of keeping me going ill try some warm milk tonight thankyou :)


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