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hard day

Yesterday i was full of positiv thoughts i was goin to conquer the world today i feel like buryin myself in a hole n staying there . my so called best friend has backstabbed me and told everyone im avoidin them because ive been pulling them all to bits its basic childish behaviour but they belive her and now no one wants to know . the truth is im a recluse now because the school playground behaviour was becoming unbearable and im 35!! how can i over come this hurdle x

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be honest and tell them whats wrong with you and that who ever said these things is stirring trouble up....your 'best friend' ( i use the term loosly) needs to be a lost friend, no one should do that and you dont need friends like that when your so down......just hope she never has to deal with what we go through ........sending positive thoughts and hope you find the strength to deal with it all x


ty nutty the reason this person is such or was such a good friend is because she has been where i am but she now has found confidence so i guess takes her pleasure in puttin me down the other know ive been havin problems but arent really intresed tbh im just sick of feeling put down out upon and used x


U really don't need friends like that tbh I've been there for people in the past and they've turned on me for no reason. I've a lot of " so called friends " but I can count my true friends on one hand. The people that truely care. Hope u start feeling postive again, don't let anyone bring u down x



There are some cruel people in this world & it hurts when we come across them ,but I think we all do at least once

Your friend does not sound like someone you need in your life , & I hope that she stays well , as she might find one day she needs help again , there is a saying "be careful how you treat people on the way up , you never no if you will meet them on the way back down "

I would tell the others there is no truth in what has been said , but keep it simple as to not allow more gossip , neither would I join in any , as it can get twisted , then I would leave it up to them to make their minds up , & if its the other they choose to believe , it will hurt a while but you will have found out none of them were worth your friendship

Its true , what donaf says , I have people i no , & will say good morning to , but when it comes to true friends , I can count them on one hand , but i would rather have one loyal friend than a load of back stabbing ones any day !

New friends will come along , my friend of 20 years i met in unusual circumstances & to be honest at first I did think , i am not sure about her lol but 20 years on I am really sure & glad we started talking

Maybe start taking to people you wouldnt normally talk to (if you no what i am saying ) they sometimes are the better ones

You will come through this & will learn from it , even though I no it hurts & may do for a while

You have friends on here ( I no not quite the same ) but we wont stab you in the back , we will listen , support , & be here for you , no judging , just genuine , this will help while you get through this , you are not alone while you have this site

Thinking about you & let us no how it goes

whywhy xxx


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