Facing my fear

Due to my social anxiety I haven't been swimming for months which I used to love doing before my anxiety took over and was scared to go back, well today I plucked up the courage to have a swim and face the fear I have been putting off for months I was a little bit shakey at first but thought no am going to do this today and am soooo happy I did I know it may sound stupid to some people but I feel really proud of myself that I did it and can't wait to go back tomorrow. 😊


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5 Replies

  • WAY TO GO DAISY!!!! That is awesome. You fought through your anxiety and won!! Keep it up. Thats the only way any of us will get better. We have to tackle our fears.

  • So true 😊 I have other things I have to face and I am going to do it its the only way to beat it. 👌

  • That's terrific news, Daisy-17, you have proved the maxim of the great philosopher Norman Vincent Peele who said: "Do what you fear and the death of fear is assured." Soon you will go on to other major successes but remember we are allowed to feel fear and we are allowed to accept that fear without adding to it and we are allowed to have occasional setbacks but even these will not delay us from our journey along the Yellow Brick Road to recovery.

  • That was lovely Thankyou very much you made me shed a tear lol.

  • Good on you Daisy :D

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