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Facing my fears or running away


I seem to struggle day to day with whether I’m going to face my anxiety or whether I’m going to try to ignore it. I go back-and-forth. I don’t think it’s working for me. I know I have to face it and come to realization and call it what it actually is

Overthinking and generally making the worst out of the situation. I know I have to get out of my own head. So I’m going to go try and get something positive Done. I want to get up and go tackle some chores and check back later and let you know how it went. Hope you’re finding peace out there. hugs

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How did it go?? xx

Hi 😃 it went great so far today I went grocery shopping and got a few things for my grandson for Easter. Thanks for checking in with me. I’m so happy I found a site where people understand and are caring enough to ask. I also hope you found peace today. 🤗

Good for you in getting out today. We certainly do understand. Each and every one

of us goes through difficult days but when we have a great day, we embrace and

celebrate and share with others. You did good my friend :) xx


Thanks for your kind words. You’re making a difference in the world. ☮️


So glad it went ok. Sometimes, simple things like brushing teeth are huge triumphs. Strength ❤️

I try & follow Face Everything And Recover as opposed to Fear Everything And Run - its not easy but I feel a lot better about myself when I turn it around to the 1st version of fear.

Yes it’s fight or flight

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