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Some advice?

Hi just a quick question.

I see my councillor on Wednesday. I have been seeing him for about 2years every 4/5 weeks. I don't feel this is enough at the moment and is having a big set back. I've heard cbt is very helpful from others? Or see him every 2 weeks or every week but I know this isn't possible as he is only I'm my doc surgery 2 half days a week. Has anyone got any suggestions of what i should do. I can't cope with anything at the moment get really stressed out and have a panic attack. Dont have many people to talk to just now.Just wondering what the best way about it is to go. Do I have to go back to doctor to request to see my councillor more or be referred for cbt? Or just tell my councillor ?

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I would go back to your doctor, tell him how you feel an dthat you need to see counsellor more often. I see mine every week and by the 6th day I am really ready toe see him again.My counsellor does CBT and I find his strategies to cope with anxiety really helpful. Good luck.



I agree , I would tell them both how you feel

Let us no how you go on , I do hope they will see you once a week if not ask GP what else they can offer as you need more

whywhy xxx


As Jeffju says ask if you can see them more often. If not maybe try researching a bit to help yourself in your own time? Just reading about cbt made it seem more clearer for me.


I would echo what others have said about telling both your GP and your counsellor that you are struggling at the moment and feel you need more regular support/counselling. There are various books available on CBT as well as information on the Net, so a Net search and a visit to Amazon or other good book-seller might be fruitful if you have the money to spare for books.

I have found some CBT techniques useful, but sometimes when I get really stressed nothing seems to help. It's definitely worth pursuing though as it would seem to help a lot of people.

I also know how easy it is to beat yourself up for struggling to cope and feeling that you're the only person who feels so dreadful. Not much consolation I know, but you are NOT alone xxx


Tell your doc that the councillor isnt helping and ask to be referred to a cpn who will help you better than a councillor


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