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whats happening to me?

when in new and potentially stressful situations, i have recently been feeling like im going to faint and be sick and need to leave the room. ive also experiences abdominal pains, and afterwards i shake severely, could it be anxiety or panic attacks. what can i do tp prevent it?

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Hi Brooke, it could be anxiety love, but we can't say for sure . You must see your GP asap and rule anything else out. It sounds like a typical panic attack though. Until you see your doctor just try and keep calm. Breathe properly , in through your nose, out through your mouth. Make an appointment love and let us know how you are x ella x


Hi. brook. As ella says, it may be nerves but as self diagnosis can be misleading you should go to your GP for reassurance. It does sound typical of anxiety but reassurance from your GP can be a great help. Come back whenever you wish as someone is usually around to help. Regards. jonathan.


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