2 anxiety problems . . health anxiety and blushing !!

It seems that heart related anxiety is very common. I have had this for as long as I can remember but dont dwell all the time and it is not just in the head as real symptoms are there. I believe that worrying about something causes actually physical symptoms. I have complained many times to various GPs who say there is nothing wrong with me and it is anxiety or nerve pain . I have stopped going unless really ill because I always feel like they think I am wasting their time. One sent me for an EGC which was fine but how reliable are they? Anyway I am on a health kick at the moment so cannot put chest pain down to an unhealthy lifestyle. What I dont understand is when I am sat at the computer and out of the blue like the other night my chest hurts and it extends to my back. It lasted 5 mins but I start sweating and imagine the worst. I wonder am I stressed, or sat too long in one position or is it indigestion ??? Its the not knowing whats up that causes the worry isn't it . I would like to go for plastic surgery on my nose but am scared of the aneathestic. Its just a life of worry and its so tiring. On top of that I have a blushing phobia to contend with . I try to stay positive but its not easy. Last night my neibour came round with her 2 daughters . It was out the blue and I was having my tea. The lights in my front room are a bit bright at the moment (wrong bulbs I think) so I felt very exposed . I started worrying about going red especially as my kids were watching me. So I did . Everyone noticed I am sure and when they left I thought . . great !! My son said I went red and I felt I should try to explain I felt in the spotlight. Its so hard knowing whether to talk about it as you dont want to pass it to your kids but I took the option to make light of it and laughed it off . I thought that was best !! I refuse to let anxiety get me down this year but when faced with such symptoms it takes strength to stay positive


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  • Hi rose12

    Have to say I am the same , dont go to GP'S like I use to , feel they are fed up when it comes to my health anxiety as they have done everything possible to test & reassure my worries & even though I still worry , I have to try & accept this (hard as it may be )

    I get pains shooting here there & every where ! sweating is a sign of anxiety , if you observe when you are feeling anxious you start to sweat more & feel hot

    Now when I get a pain or whatever , i try & just let it come & go , I try when that thought comes "whats this now " to say it will go in a bit & not let my head start wondering what it is otherwise thats when the anxiety really starts to take over & they do all come & go , i think with health anxiety we are really tuned in to everything our body feels & feel every little thing , people that dont suffer will have the same feelings , they just dont give it a second thought

    For me that is what I try hard to do , the more I allow it to cause me fear , the more I fear

    I am not one for people just calling , I need plenty of warning , so you did well letting your neighbours in lol

    Tea time as well , that for me is even worse , I dont like eating my tea , with visitor's about , puts me staright of !

    The blushing , look on the positive , you will save buying blusher (hope you dont mind a little joke , sorry if this did offend you ) but sometimes i have to try & see the funny side to some of my worries & it does help

    And asking your "son " that made me laugh , when do our kids ever make us feel better ! mine would have wound me up more !

    OK you were blushing , doesnt matter , loads of people do , I have before & come out with "o i am having a hot flush !" & believe it or not people have looked at me gone out , because they hadn't even noticed till I pointed it out ! Think we forget when people dont care , its us , they just want to visit !

    Well I have gone on a bit here & may be none of any use !

    Accept this is the way you are , the more we do the easier things get

    Just to say my eldest is 32 , youngest 18 , from the eldest to the youngest , my anxiety has not rubbed of on them , infact they will say if they do start getting worked up " o dear best stop dont want to be like Mum " they say it in a loving way though , so try not to add that worry , I think mine have just grown up accepting me how I am , which I am sure yours do to !

    whywhy xxx

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