Well guys its been kind of a rough few weeks plus really wanted to post on here an really missed everyone but just didn't have it in me, do you ever feel like you talk an talk an try to think your way through things then you say what's the use I give up an just take it one day at a time an pray you get over all of this!!! Had to make some rough choices this week with counselors advice an not to talk to some family members for how long I don't know because they were making me feel bad about anxiety attacks they think it is crazy not real I guess go figure an believe me I wish I were a fighter but not!! Just to say hi an think of you often an let you know I'm hanging in there lol just one of those weeks or two I should say have a blessed night<3


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  • Hi. mim. Missed you..... I know!! You talk and talk and listen and in the end you seem to get nowhere. But you do you know. It is a bit like the water dripping on the rock. It does wear it away but it takes time. Every time you listen you learn just a little and you pick up the odd nugget here and there. Then one day it all comes together. It does you know. It happened to me after years of despair and thinking nothing was happening. I now know that everything I learned in those days stood me in good stead for the recovery process to begin. Patience is a virtue, but in anxiety it is darn near impossible. Unfortunately it is the only way. This illness cannot be hurried and all the 'quick fix' therapies have no value. It's a hard slog BUT POSSIBLE. Many are out in the open after years of suffering. You can do it, mim. Don't give up. (Anyway we don't allow that here!). One day at a time is good but you have to move toward recovery by accepting how you feel and not worrying about what others think. They talk from ignorance regarding this illness. Keep going and come back more often. Best wishes. jonathan.

  • Love the monkey, mim. Just about sums it all up, doesn't it? j.

  • Thankyou Jonathon so much for listening I do know it will get better it just takes time, have a blessed day yes monkey is funny

  • U r a fighter hun. i may not know u pesonaly but any1 who suffers frm a mental illness is very strong, blieve me im 1 of the strongest people i know, hav thought my way through life but nothin like this. first time anxiety/panic attack sufferer. Every1 i know has said they thought id b thr lst person 2 suffer wiv nervous illness. Drs hav even said that wen normaly u r such a strong person + its u like this its like an athlete losing his legs. Anxiety + mental illness doesnt choose btween the weak or strong, it has no preference. b kind 2 ur self my friend u r definatly not a weak person.xx

  • Bless you an Thankyou for such encouraging words have a blessed evening

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