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Day 2 on anti biotics :/

Well, i do feel silly, but, i really dont like taking tablets, i think im tablet phobic, considering im on ssri's for panic/anxiety/stress/depression i think im doing well, up to now lol.

My anti b's are for my 'nervous itchy rash', my Dr now thinks its 'acne' and is treating me for it. Iv a slight chest infection too (and yes, iv got to stop smoking, which im cutting down again), the anti b's can help chest infections too, so maybe she, (my Dr) is hoping to treat the two infections.

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Hi. linny. We meet again! Why do you feel silly? What's silly about not wanting to go on tablets? I don't think I have met anyone who likes being on medication, but sometimes it is very necessary and we should not refuse it if offered. What do you think will happen if you take different tablets? If you get side effects, and some don't last that long, then you can ask for some other medication. Medication is like a plaster on a broken leg. You would be a fool to keep the plaster on when the leg has healed. Tablets can be 'tapered' off when no longer needed. Why suffer? Meds. can help you think more clearly and give you a chance to get your thoughts together. As you say, you have done well up to now on medication so why not continue as you are. You will get better and may well be on the way, then you can think about coming off tablets. Look after yourself.. Blessings. j.


Hi Jonathan, as always, you have put my mind at ease with your words of wisdom. I get a bit scared taking tablets because of the side effects, i dont like being whirly headed (dizzyness), which is one of the side effects of the anti biotics (if i get it), i shouldnt really read up on the side effects of any tablets, my OH hid the leaflet which came with my ssri's an banned me to google them lol. Yes your right, why should i suffer, and meds are there to help, which my ssri's have in their own little way, well my mood has lifted a little and my anxiety has subsided, still a long way to go for the agoraphobic feelings to go, but getting there.


I dont understand how people can just pop pills and not think about it either but i suppose thats my trouble, i think and worry about it too much. Years ago, my Dr prescribed me co-codamol for my IBS, after i had taken them, omg i was spaced out of my head and had really bad stomach cramps, ( i found out im allergic to codeine), iv never taken anything other than paracetamol now, and i still worry il get that 'off my face' feeling again, like iv smoked 10 cannabis joints in a row lol.


Hi Linny

Hope you get well soon, Like Jonathan says not many people do like taking medication.

EVEN i have made a appointment for the docs. My roscea has reared its ugly head and i know how bad it is at the mo that i need tablets. This time last year i wouldnt entertain them, but it doesnt help not being on them when i am so bad.

If they make you better than they are worth it.

Love Lou. xx


Hi Lou, I think I must be the only person that doesn't mind taking meds lol. If they are necessary then get em down you. Sorry to hear about your roscea flaring up. What causes it, do you know? Anyway darling apart from that I hope you are well and reasonably happy? it seems a while since we spoke but it won't be. Linny I am glad you have stuck with the anti-biotics, hopefully they will clear your chest as well :) x Ella x


I am so pleased to see someone who like me has a phobia about tablets. I am having to take antibiotics for a bladder infection but they are making me feel so sick, or is this the awful anxiety thing again. I always think that anything I have wrong with me has to be something major. Does anyone else feel like this? it is such an ongoing thing with me. My stomach feels so bloated and uncomfortable and although they have done some tests I just think they have missed something. This is my first posting so I am sorry to go on but just so scared about it all.


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