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When does it end

Hi all, I'm new to this and would like some advice or tips on dealing with anxiety disorder. I've been diagnosed a few months ago following surgery and a severe allergic reaction to drugs given to me in hospital. I'm light headed have palpitations and chest pain. I've ended up in the emergency room twice! I've had ecgs, various blood tests and all are normal. I'm now going to see a mental health nurse, who's going to help. I also take propranolol for it, but it's ruining my life! Any tips on how to cope would be appreciated

Thanks all x

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hi, i am suffering with what you are and id like answers to i just want to get back to my normal self, i am always light headed and get terrible palpitations, the doctor done my bloods and everything the other day and everything was normal too, i no how you must be feeling, sorry i have no answers just to let u no i also have this disorder. my boyfriend just tells me to stay calm but it happens without me even thinking bout anything. x


Thanks beccagoodall for your answer! I'm glad I'm not the only one as it feels that way sometimes!! My husband also tells me to calm down, but it doesn't really work. I hope you are getting the help you need x



Sometimes certain circumstances can trigger anxiety problems , which from what you have said your experience in hospital could well be the cause of the fear you feel now

Its good to hear you have an appointment to see someone , that along with the site will be a big help

As you have been tested & everything has come back normal , you will be fine even if you dont feel it

The sweats etc are anxiety & are very common even though I no they can be frightening , but when you feel them try convincing & telling yourself this is anxiety & nothing else it will pass , again not easy but the more you practice it , it does get easier

If you have been taking your meds for a while & dont feel they are working then go back & see the GP & let them no , sometimes they may need changing , if you have not been on them long they can take a while to start working

I also understand there is nothing more annoying when some one tells you to calm down , but unless you suffer from anxiety people just dont understand & that seems to be the only answer they can think of , something I have learnt & now dont let it frustrate me lol

You have the site now & even though its a bit quite tonight , someone will always be on at some stage & give you support

Sorry if this isnt any help , sat full of cold , but didnt want anyone to think there is no one here

Look around the site , there will be blogs you will relate to that will help

Keep posting & letting us no how you go on , you are not alone



Thank you so much for your answer whywhy, it certainly is a big help to know other people are the same! I am trying to say its just anxiety but find it difficult. I have been on propranolol since nov so approx 6 weeks, and although it suppresses some of the feeling I still suffer with the panic!

I'm determined to beat this as it does rule your life but I'm not going to let it be my life x


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