Scared to go to my eye doctor soon scared of possibly havinf a brain tumor behind my eye. My eye keeps twitching alot. On and off headaches on the right side of my head nothing serious has settled a little bit more. Also get dizzy like motion sickness naseous alot but can still eat fine. Eye yesterday just got really red and watery i think something is in there not sure today is started to act up again. My anxiety has been crazy and stress has been crazy is this all stress problems? From thinking to much i also get eye aches behind my eye on and off. Is this all anxiety related.

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  • Brandolo, this could very well be anxiety related or allergies. Not sure where you live, but it's that time of the year (atleast it is in Texas because we didn't have much of a winter) where flowers and trees are starting to bloom. Try taking an over the counter allergy medicine. And allergy/sinus issues can also cause headaches.

  • Yes this all sounds like anxiety and nothing serious. Most days there's many similar posts on here.

    By all means go and see your doctor, but worry will make it all worse.

  • Hi, sorry to hear your having a difficult time, just a thought my brother gets similar twitching when he has too much sugar, may not be related but have you been checked for diabeties? x

  • I recently had blood work done came back perfect

  • Hi Brandolo119, I'm glad your lab tests came back perfect. I can only hope that it helps relieve some of your worry. I too had eye twitching for months at a time but never thought to worry about it. It was annoying but I realized how anxious I was at the time and that it was an anxious tic. Hope you can relax some.

  • Hi Hun , worrying will only make things worse , sort it once & for all ! See your DR or go to ER as it looks like you're in the States , tiredness can make your eyes twitch,it's started to happen to me last 2 weeks!, sounds like allergies to me . Good luck.

  • Brandolo119, Why not just see your regular GP. They can tell a lot by just looking in your eyes with a light. I use to get the same symptoms as you. One sided headaches, watery eyes, red and even blurry. Eye aches as well with a headache. All were stress related...

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