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anxious feelings

so the other day I felt detached from my surroundings, the last few days I feel anxious and have had some anxiety symptoms. ive tried my best to not let it get to me, ive spoke to it in my head telling it that its not going to make me sit about and do nothing. ive decorated my kitchen, bathroom and half my bedroom just to keep it off my mind. in my head ive been telling it to watch me paint and wallpaper the walls. it is there in my head again where its constantly on my mind, but I got it out my mind before so I can do it again in time. the thing is ive needed a good cry, but even thou I know and feel like i need to theres no tears, a cry makes me feel better xxx

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yes i totally agree with you ive had good months then bang last night felt unreality foogy head and palapltaltions trying to tell your self youve done it before is fine but it doesnt always help but crying does help me too


yea I've had the foggy head feeling for a few days now, on and off. I wish I cud have a cry but the tears only want to come wen I'm out and about xx


Hi Hun

Let them out when u re out and about.It s ok.I m having foggy head in the last few days but I think that it will go eventually..try to relax and keep yourself busy.Hope u ll get a but better soon.




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