Up early again

Thanks to my cough ive got now, im up early again its one of them tickly ones........and my itchyness is driving me insane too, ive had to cut my nails right down so i dont scratch in my sleep because i was waking up and my t shirt would be covered in blood because of me scratching. The emolient the dr has given me is not working, it cools it down for about 5 seconds but it still itches. Its on my chest, a bit on my stomach and on my back, and its slowly spreading to my neck. Apparently, its excema, ive never suffered with excema in my life, its only since ive been bad with my nerves that ive got it. I did have psoriasis years ago when i was pregnant on my stomach and i didnt know what it was until the dr asked me how it was when he saw it, i looked like a lepar. Il prob go back the drs monday and get him to refer me to a dermatologist to find out exactly what is causing this itchyness.


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  • Hi. linny. Eczema and psoriasis are all related to a tendency to anxiety. As is hay fever and asthma. I have, at this moment, a mild form of what you have and I have had psoriasis too and hay fever!! Not at all pleasant. Another of the rotten tricks this complaint lays on us! My doctor gave me 'Doublebasegel', which helped but did not get rid of it. It does go with time and the NHS health site says it comes and goes for no apparent reason. Well, we have reason, haven't we? Look after yourself.. Best wishes. jonathan.

  • Try sipping some hot lemon water with a tablespoon of honey...it helps soothe the throat so it doesn't tickle and irritate you as much...also I find sucking a lozenge, those types that have menthol or something which creates a warm effect on your throat, before bed helps me get to bed.

    As for the itch, try some cold cream.. The one from Avene is quite good, same goes for their Soothing Cream..or else try placing a cool wet towel on the area that itches. Hope that helps you

  • Thanks for your reply, il try that avene, where could i get it from. The dr gave me emolients for the bath and after, but doesnt take the itch away.

  • Yeah the Dr said ive a mild asthma too, i think that is because i smoke tho, i didnt know it could be related to anxiety, i dont have it that bad i need inhalers tho, although i have used a breathe easy one when i get chest infections. My daughter has the same symptoms, and has chest problems too, and she doesnt smoke! She has anxiety, but not bad enough as yet to go on meds, poor thing. I feel guilty because of my genetics.

  • Now, linny, you know better than that! Your 'genetics', as you call them, are nothing whatever to do with you. You didn't choose them so do NOT start feeling guilty over that. I know how even a small amount if guilt can cause us problems. Anyway, the jury is still out as to whether anxiety can be in the genes. My own view, having looked at all the so called 'experts', is that it is not. It is caused by circumstances and a most of which is beyond our control. Upbringing etc. Be kind to yourself. Love. jonathan.

  • Hi Linny, you can get Avene products from boots. It's got some minerals and stuff in it which is really good for skin problems like rashes and psoriasis

  • Hi Linny, you can get Avene products from boots. It's got some minerals and stuff in it which is really good for skin problems like rashes and psoriasis

  • oooh thanks il get my daughter to pick some up for me, she works in boots

  • I always thought it was genetics, my grand mother and mother having bad nerves and anxiety, apparently my mum was hooked on valium, i dont know if she took it when pregnant with any of her kids, surely she couldnt take it then. It would explain why all of us have nervous illnesses, and my own children showing signs of nervous illness, even though my children have had a good upbringing, well as good as i could give them, they avnt turned out too bad.

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