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How to get out of bed some days?

I know we all experience this but some days, especially my weekends, I have so much trouble getting out of bed. I'm meant to be running around enjoying London and all the last minute things I want to see but all I seem to be able to do some days is just sit in bed. Same with last night, I was going to have drinks with a friend but all I wanted was to go home and back to bed. The problem with going back to bed is that then I start thinking again and I can't stand that. Catch 22 really! Any ways that you guys cope with this?

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Hi Cass,

It's really hard and there is no other answer apart from GET UP!!!!

I know how hard it is though, love. I can get through the week because my life is structured by work but at the weekend I lie there for hours imprisoned by my thoughts.

It only goes away when I finally drag myself out of bed and try to get on with my day.

I know this is no help whatsoever but know that you are not alone in your struggle with this.

All my Love,



i have real issues with getting up mainly due to unemployment so not having anything to get up for is a real pain you really have to force it.



At the moment I have thoughts on a daily basis. "Go back to bed and when I wake up things will be better", even though I know it doesn't help it's just the illness we have got.

It's easier said than done but scheduling things to ensuring you get up and telling your friends what you are going through so that they can support you does help. If they know you are struggling, they will help.

Good luck and hope things lift soon x


I agree with what has been said by others. If anyone has seen the Linden Method, they recommend that you prepare a schedule for pretty much every moment of the day. Create a diary of things to do.

I also find my bed the most reassuring place, but I deliberately stay away from it during the day. I do find myself looking forward to it during the day though.


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