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Goodmorning everyone hope you are having a blessed day! I've been so sick been hiding out in my room as much as possible, I'm really getting fed up with myself an I'm sure my family is feeling same way been having some crazy thoughts lately which scares the heck out if me also I feel like I can't breath this morning I wake up with upset stomach an very nervous aren't I loads of fun will this ever end or is this the way my life will be!!! Maybe just Holidays an lots of stress sorry so gloom an doom!!

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Hopefully just the holiday season as you say, those thoughts you are getting are just thoughts you know......we all pay them way too much attention, left to their own devices they get bored and disappear.

Take Care PL


Ty for a reply just so anxious don't know what to do to stop this ugg thoughts are better but just breathing and junk


mimi my love, you have been there and you managed to get through it, you will be fine my dear. if you are having one these thoughts just turn them off by saying a small prayer and i promise you it will get better.

Fear Not :)

big big hug

God bless



Thankyou rouri your so sweet an I pray all the time Thankyou for taking time out of your day I'm so blessed to have you all xxxxx god bless


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