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Just a rant!

Hi all, i'm afraid i'm just in need of a rant this morning, I stupidly thought that I was on the mend after my second lot of tablets seem to have started to kick in, but I feel worse than ever at the moment :-(. So may things have been going on this week and I think it's just all caught up with me plus with xmas just a few days away it really doesn't help, i'm so behind, still got prezzies to buy and ALL my wrapping to do! Anyway rant over! Thanks for listening,

Dawn xx

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Hi. littler. Definitely not the time for nervous sufferers. The pressures, especially on women, is enormous. Meals have to be got, presents wrapped, relatives invited, (some of whom we are not particularly fond of!) and so on. Tablets do have ups and downs too and we have to stick with them to get any lasting results. Things do level off and then we can start to look for permanent recovery by finding a therapy that suits us. Have as nice a Christmas as possible!. Best wishes. jonathan.


Reply to rant.ha ha......don,t worry we all do it, I suppose it is a great site for that!!. any way short note to say if you are new to meds, they do take time to work and sometimes anxiety/depression can increase during initial period of taking meds...sometimes doctors forget to tell you this..we have to be patient (we always want things to be okay today!)..as one person said we only have today, so if your ok today then you are ok.....xxxxxx live in the present...A good book to explain this is The Power Of Now--Eckhart Tolle


It may just be that you have been thinking a lot about what needs doing and it's sent the anxiety up a good few notches.

Make a list of things you need to do and work through it methodically ........prioritise the most important things. You have time to get quite a lot done before Christmas.

If you don't get absolutely everything done, it's ok ........you will have given it a good shot and got the main things sorted.

This time next week things will look a whole lot better.

Take Care PL


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