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Medication and stress

I am really suffering at the moment as I know we all are. I also am having issues getting to the doctors, but would any further medication actually help. I am on citalopram 20mg at the mo. Also on blood pressure tablets. I am constantly feeling sick, headaches, tired and i feel as if my head is going to explode, the stress and pressure is immense.

I am also taking Motilium to help with the nausea, but still feel just rubbish. Any suggestions??

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Hey hun, Is the medication quite recent or have u been on it a while?

I started medication this week and have felt horrible :-(

Your best bet is to try and get to ur docs as they can advise different meds, they all work differently for different people unfortunately. Try and think positive hun, it will get better, its just trial and error. x


Was life better or worse without the medication? All meds have the potential to make you feel worse especially when you are taking several, for some people it evens out, settles down when your system has gotten used to them. I don't do meds but I'm fascinated by how many people post on here saying they feel worse but continue with them after the 'short-term'. I don't mean fascinated in a judgemental way, I am truly interested in the efficacy of meds for anxiety and the reach for the pad approach from doctors when someone turns up for help. I'd like to see Anxiety UK do some campaigning regarding the often, one way, very narrow route adopted by GP's. Hey AUK if you're listening do a straw pole of efficacy, raise some kind of campaign, something, there are people suffering out here and the answer is invariably meds, with the 'they don't work? try a different brand, higher dose, let's add this one on top....' approach. Sorry Leahsmum rant over. Hope you find your answer in whatever route you choose.


Hey oddly enough AUK are holding a 'pharmacy web surgery on Weds at 6pm' check out there site for the details, may help answer any concerns you have.


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