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my gift to you

I am sending out a gift

To you and all my friends.

Use it all you want,

It never, ever, ends.

I've stored it on a cloud,

That's not so far away.

You just reach out and take it,

It's there every single day.

It's filled with loving thoughts,

Hugs, good wishes too.

And if you want to take them out,

They're all addressed to you.

You can never, ever empty it,

[try, it's not a race]

For every 1 that you take out...

100 take its place!

You may never need one,

They're there for if you do.

Because they are my special gift,

With love from me to you!

written by me today.

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did you really put that together sandra, because if you did it is just superb, i really love it, im going to keep it, you clever one you, VV x or i might just pass it off as my own lol


thankyou VV, it just my head feel free to pass it on.

It's based on something my Mum used to do.

If someone had suffered a loss, illness or depression or she just felt they needed it, she would give a teddy full of hugs. She'd hold it in her hand and fill it with good wishes and positive thoughts, give it away, and tell them what it holds, as in my poem. I just made it rhyme. People have told me how it helped and, often, as I have, carried it on. It's easier for me now to get little teddies & toy animals* due to the rise in £1 shops, she had to pay more, but the thought is the same.



*[but not pigs] - re "party" blog


sandra. It is far too early for me to have tears in my eyes but they are there. What lovely words! You are truly amazing. I wonder if you could have written that had you not suffered? I feel that suffering can bring out the best in us. My thanks again and Love. jonathan.


Sandra cheered me up this lovely...God bless x Sam


Me too Sam! I'm going to do that Sandra! what a lovely thing to do!!! The poem is lovely too! xx


thank you


What a lovely poem Sandra, you're really talented.

It worked too. I was thinking about it as I walked into the doctors this morning and it really buoyed me up.

Thank you.x


that's a nice thing to hear,




thankyou everyone.

it is so touching to hear these comments.




wow that is so good, thank you. keep it up.xx


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