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Started already!!!!

Hi all the anxiety has started already at the thought of my works do next Fri... Happens every time I av a nite out planned with friends. I'm sooo scared that I wil panic. I know I sud b saying it doesn't matter if I do I sud let the panic com, and that a panic Ttack never kills anyone. My hubby says if I do panic he wil pick me up so ice got a bac up plan. Just wish I cud for once look forward to a nite out ; (

Also dreading the next day as I'm not gud with late nites and hangovers.

Feel like life is passing me by wen I sud b enjoying myself.

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I completely understand how you feel. Let yourself be in control, get ready in your time, don't rush. I find wearing something lose helps, you don't feel too hemmed in. Its lovely that your husband has offered to pick you up, this can make all the difference knowing you have a means of escape. Try not to overthink it, I know its easier said than done. x


I'm trying to replace the negative thought with positive ones... Just go for the meal and enjoy that... Hubby on stand by... Don't av to av many drinks so I'm in control... It's only one night say 4 hours. Etc...

I've got a new dress which is quite loose so that wil help and my gud friends r going who understand me so I've got support.

Trying sooo hard not to over think it. Thanx for ure advice. Xx


Its not easy, I'm supposed to be going for lunch on Monday with work and im dreading it! Its always in the back of ur mind without u realising it.

Having people around you that understand what your going through will help, maybe try and pop outside for fresh air when you get 5 minute breaks or people disperse to the bar/toilet.

Think of times you've been out before and had a good time.

Keep me posted how u get on x x


Wil do Hun. X


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