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why Im so sensitive?

Hi everyone, Im asking if someone feels like this. In situations in which I have a discuss or a trouble with people in this case with my classmates I feel over sensitive to what they say then I experience a lot of anxiety and depression. I'm tired of this because sometimes are things that normal people doesn't care about but when happens to me I feel very bad for example when someone criticism me or talk me with loud voice I feel concerned and anxiety came to me. Now Im feeling very tired and I feel like people are very bad and always can hurt me. what can I do to don't feel this anymore?

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Hi. Maucsg. I don't know if you have been here before but if not WELCOME. You are sensitive because you have been 'sensitised' by some event or happening in your life which you could well have forgotten. Sensitive people are very vulnerable to what others say and it can be very hurtful at times. This world is difficult for sensitive people because, for the most part (sad) the majority are most insensitive. They probe your vulnerability and you can be singled out as 'odd'. You are a young person and you have to learn to disregard what others say. They mostly speak from ignorance anyway and unless you feel they understand you should not tell them about your feelings. There are those, as on this site, who do understand so keep coming here; you can learn a lot. Unless someone has 'been there' it is difficult for them to know. Another thing that arises with the young is that they tend to ridicule your feelings and behaviour. It takes a little age and wisdom to realise that this is irrelevant. Now listen! Try and take no notice of the ignoramuses. If you find a friend or counsellor who understands (or on this site) then listen, but otherwise I am afraid it must be water off a duck's back!! You are a vulnerable person, and while this is not a bad thing as you can help others when you recover, for the moment just go with it. Accept how you are for the moment and do not WORRY about how you feel. (Or try not to; difficult, I know). Come back whenever you want to. We are all here to help. Best wishes. jonathan.


Hi, jonathan thanks a lot for your answer. yes, I'm new here and I find that is a very good way to get guidance from incredible people like you.

Another thing that concerns me is that when I have a trouble or a discuss with someone I can't stand seeing this person every day in the job or in the class. I experience a lot of anxiety and I don't want to continue attending. the class. I feel very bad like everybody is against me. My counsellor told me that is normal to have some problems with your classmates and I have to ignore them and manage the anxiety, but I can't It affects me. I'm close to finish my major but I don't feel enough strong to continue.



Your counsellor is right that it is normal to have some issues but the problem with anxiety is that everything seems so much worse .......there is the constant fear and being on red alert and ready for the worst.

When you said "Now Im feeling very tired and I feel like people are very bad and always can hurt me. what can I do to don't feel this anymore?" that is what your anxiety tells you.

Many people are very good and wish you well also, it's so hard to see the good when we are anxious but your thoughts can turn negative most of the time and that makes it worse and harder to deal with.

Please don't let it stop you from doing well and finishing your major, what you really want is the strength to continue and I am sure you really do have that strength.

What you are feeling is our normal defence mechanism gone over the top's seeing danger in everyone and everything, that is not how you would see things without the anxiety.

Do tell your counsellor that you are having a peak in your anxiety at the moment and need help to get it back to a manageable level.

I don't know whether you are having any other help, like medication or something short term to help you for now.

Ask those you think can help ....doctors, family and so on. Listen to what they say and take strength from those who care, you deserve to do well and you will.

Take Care PL


Hi Pennylayne thanks a lot for your answer, I realized that my anxiety peak now is a result of a stress enviroment which is affecting me. because before this, i have not experienced anxiety at this level. Currently I'm waiting to finish this level, I do not have my intelectual level to study now but I think its cause of the environment .I feel better and I'm going to do my last effort in order to finish my major.

My best wishes



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