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im so scared! reply asap


I have panic disorder. i have not had an attack for a few days but i feel derealization. like i'm detached from the world and i'm outside of my body. everything seems unreal. i also get feelings of impending doom thats taking over my life. i feel like i'm going to die :'(

anyone feel the sameway? what should i do?

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Hi there I'm currently feeling exactly as u describe :(

I'm doing my best to distract myself

Breathing exercises and just telling myself I am fine

I took a walk it helped some and I also did some light excersise hope you find some peace



rushaine in reply to Hidden

they are so awful. smh. i usually play games and talk alot as well as reminding myself that this is just anxiety also.

I went through the same thing when I was having panic attacks , which went on for 33 years , I'm 45 now so believe me when I say, if you worry about having another attack, it will trigger them. You have got to find a distraction. Drink chamomile tea ( it works) I wasted so many years worrying about dying that I wasted a large portion of my life. You will be ok. once you realize how strong your mind is.. If you can convince yourself there is something wrong , than you can convince yourself that nothing is wrong and that you are fine. You have more control than you think. ps. I'm serious about the tea, there is tones of research supporting the fact that it acts as a natural antidepressant, which I have never used.

rushaine in reply to PamelaE

I've heard about the chamomile tea. but they are so many types. which one exactly? I'm gonna buy it.

and great advice. sometimes i try to stop but the feelings overcome me leaving me convinced.

Hidden in reply to rushaine

No, I have spelt it wrongly. Its Chamomile. xx


Hi, sorry you are feeling so unwell. Distraction, Mindfulness and breathing techniques really help.

Camomile tea really does work, it helps with sleeping problems and calms you down. I buy Camomile tea with spiced apple, but there are different flavours, I don't like the plain Camomile. I add teaspoon of honey, and sometimes add my own fresh ginger.

I hope this helps. xx

rushaine in reply to Hidden

i saw the camomile teabags but i heard its chamomile. are they different? thanks

Down load the book "at last a life " by Paul david. It helped me I. The first day I read it. I have the same thing and now I only get it once every dew weeks. The more you try to control it the bigger it will get. If you try and figure it out it gets bigger, if you try and think what cause it this time, it gets bigger, you need to accept it. Find a doctor in your area psychologist or other who teaches the acceptance method.goes along with what the book says and it works I promise. I still won't leave home without my Xanax but I practice my acceptance for an hour before I take one and usually it will be gone by then. In sorry you are going through this. You have anxiety over getting anxiety and it is a vicious cye until you learn to accept it for what it is, welcome it, focus on the outside world and not your feelings and keep mo I g throughout your day. Breathing excercises make it worse it is another way to try and control it. When you try to control it it gets bigger and bigger. Stop pushing it away and get the book. Contact me at any time. Stacey

kirsty72 in reply to Burnsey88

Just ordered the book from Amazon. Can't wait to get stuck in now!! Thank you for the recommendation. x

Burnsey88 in reply to kirsty72

Start by reading the website it really works. Good luck!!

rushaine in reply to Burnsey88

i am going to see if i find it. thank you :)

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