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Hi, I'm a newbie. Can anyone help me??

Hi, I'm new to this, so I don't really know what to do quite just yet.

I have recently had heart fluctuations, and some chest pains as well as quite a fast heart rate, even at rest. Sometimes my heart beats so fast, it feels as if it is going to explode. I have a small lump above my eyebrow that is occasionally sore and sometimes my head seems to thump. From time to time I get a faint ringing sound in my right ear. I have always had a lump on the left side of my neck, which is sometimes sore and I suffer from mild Raynauds. I had a blood test taken the other day and I am still awaiting the results. All of the above symptoms probably aren't connected, and are probably just caused by a lack of sleep and I have been under quite a lot of stress recently, but if anyone can give me advice or help me, I would be very grateful.

Thanks, Amelia x

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Hi Amelia and welcome, I'm willing to bet that your heart racing, chest pains and head thumping, ears ringing are connected as they are classic anxiety/panic symptoms. They are related to the fight/freeze/flight response, the increase in heart rate and strength of your heart beat is your body preparing itself for some 'danger' these increases allow blood/oxygen to pumped around the body faster. This extra pumping can cause the tinnitus in your ears and the headaches. The chest pains come from the tension in your muscles again this your body preparing itself for F/F/F. That said if all this is new then maybe get checked out by your GP.The lumps, have you had them checked out? They could just be sebaceous cysts. Small op under local anaesthetic can remove them.

If you can relax and get your breathing under control, which I know can be a bugger to master, it really helps.

Word of warning if you go to your GP they will undoubtedly offer medication.... there are other ways to deal with anxiety that doesn't involve medication. I won't rant about it as I appreciate it helps some people in the short-term but I don't think short-term is in the doctors handbook.

If you can don't get bogged down with symptoms and looking up every little thing you experience, I'm starting to believe we can perpetuate our own 'illness' and keep us in this prison forever by concentrating too much on these things and not letting go.


best short advice---go to questions--read some posts on various symptons and realise--YOU ARE NOT ALONE.....and.......YOU CAN GET BETTER (I did) and best wishesx


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