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I have been suffering with anxiety for the past 4 years, brought on by a bout of the medical condition vertigo im not sure which is worse, but it is comforting to know that other people have the same feelings (you feel like you are alone) especially the two other bloggers that mentioned the feeling of going mad. I get that quite regular and it is awful. I take diazepam occaisonally from my doctor but they dont like you to be on it for long periods as its highly addictive!! I go it alone most days when I have it but have also been taking calm tablets. Not sure if they are effective but they seem to help in some way. Hope we all can conquer this at some point and have some peace of mind.


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  • I also take Kalms and they do help - whether it is a physiological thing I am not sure, but I do think they do something. I too feel like I am going mad and more than that I feel I am alone and that speaking to people about will make me seem even more mad. I know it is different to depression but I feel like 'why me?' sometimes when I know that is ridiculous as there are people going through far worse things and coping better than me! It is nice to speak to likeminded people about this though, I do feel less alone. Hopefully we can all help each other!

  • Good luck seashell18 - that is fantastic that you are pushing yourself out of your comfort zone, focus on how strong that makes you and not the anxiety!

  • Hi i am new to this site to ,and am going though the same as you ,i dont feel so alone anymore knowing there are others like me and i am not going mad . we all need help i am gald i found this site ..

  • Hi, I'm new to the site too and have been suffering on and off for a few years. It got worse about a year ago and I've been taking citalopram ever since. Was great for a while but the anxiety symptoms seem to be creeping back in. It's all so ridiculous and was triggered about 4 years ago when I was at a night out and began feeling ill, I couldn't leave to go home as it was far away and we had to wait for the bus to take everyone back. I felt trapped and really sick and was desparate to get home. Things were fine for a while but then I began to dread going on nights out, lunches etc incase it happened again. This gradually developed into a general anxiety where i can feel nauseaus, can't eat, worry I will get worse and have to give up work etc etc. It's a comfort to see I'm not the only one feeling this way.

  • Hi, I can totally relate to that, it is when I am going to things like friends weddings, nights out etc, if I go into a pub in the day if I cannot see somewhere to sit that I feel is ok the anxiety starts up! How crazy that seems. I think that even though in real life I am bubbly, able to chat easily with people there must be some underlying lack of self confidence that does not appear on the outside only on the in.!! Other times I can get attacks for what seems absolutely no reason (non that I am aware of anyway) and sometimes I feel like such a pathetic person for having this anxiety, but like you said its a comfort to know that other people have these feelings (not that I would wish it on anyone!!) I really hope we will all be either able to combat it completely or at least manage it!!

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