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New to this

Hi everyone I'm new to this but I've been reading a few posts which has helped me quite a lot, I have suffered from anxiety for years now usual symptoms like heart palpitations, breathless and feeling tiered all the time. I am currently having CBT therapy which has helped me a great deal I was doing so well up until last week when all my symptoms have come back heart palpitations and a really tight chest along with breathlessness, I think this is due to me starting a new job in 8 days time I'm feeling quite anxious again. Does anyone have any advice for coping with the tight chest and heart palpitations any advice would help a great deal.

Thanks for reading my post.


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Just wondering Mathew,did you make your new employer aware of your sure they will take this into account when you start work.

I personally found that being upfront with my employer about my anxiety has made it much easier as they will be much more ware when you have bad days,what's really going on.

Good luck.


Hi Yonnie

My new employer is aware of this my line manager seems really nice I just don't want to feel like I am now and let my new employer down.

On my bad days I will just worry about things all day, my whole body will ache and I will have a tight chest with heart palpitations. Been to see my GP he did a exsamination and some tests which all came back fine.


Test will always come back fine..that's the frustrating part of anxiety.

If you had a broken arm for examlple ,people can relate to that but with anxiety you appear fine on the outside although you may have these awful symptoms coursing through your body.

Has your GP suggested medication..I know it's not everyone's cup of tea,but It helped me greatly

Good luck for your new job.

I'm sure when you start some of the anxiety will melt away.


Hi Yonnie

My GP did suggest medication but I refused because I only get anxiety for weeks at a time. I am hoping it will pass when I settle into this new job.

Thanks for all your help!


Breathing techniques help me when I get to that point . Taking a few minutes and just focusing on a few deep (like yoga deep) slow breaths and not focusing on anything but my lungs filling up and my diafram contracting and then my lungs emptying and diafram retracting . I find that good at work or when I'm alone but when I'm at work and there are people around it's something that no one really notices and if I feel like it's too busy I take a Lou break and just use it to breathe :) my anxiety and OCD comes and goes sometimes I feel like I'm making huge progress and then bam it's back again for a reminder . But it's temporary keep doing your therapy it will get easier :)


The best thing for heart palpitations and tight chest is to just accept them as part of anxiety They can't do any harm if you can just say so what to the feelings you will lose your fear and stop noticing them Your heart is a very strong muscle and you will always be able to take a breath

Next time it happens do nothing just think oh here it comes again its uncomfortable but that's all

There is a great video on You Tube by a doctor Harry Barry I think its called Doctor explains panic attacks Its very comforting

Deep breathing is excellent for those feelings

All the very best in your new job

Take lots of care of yourself


Thanks for your advice Cat I will look at that YouTube video.


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