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Someone new!

Hi all. Recently met someone at a Xmas party and we get on so well, he's making lots of effort and seems genuine. I'm excited but find my anxiety putting doubts in my mind about letting someone new in. What if he doesn't understand my anxiety, what if I get hurt (again). Has anyone else felt like this? I don't want my anxiety to ruin things before they even get started. Gem x

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I'm quoting "I don't want my anxiety to ruin things before they even get started", so go with your instinct and get to know this person.

Just take it a step at a time, you are not making a huge decision or anything life changing just getting to know a new friend for now which will possibly lead to more.

When you've got to know each other a little bit more you can mention the anxiety if you feel like doing so, there are no hard and fast rules.

Don't think in the long term or expect a major relationship for now .....just a developing friendship ......which takes the pressure off.

Best wishes PL


don't put too much pressure on yourself, it seems you like the guy to mention it in here :) so that's good, you know you like him as well, now leave it day by day, when he invites you somewhere just see how you feeling, maybe you suggest a place that you are comfortable to go to, like a place where there are few people with soft music instead of a bar with billion people talking louder than the music. take it slowly and you will get there.

the main thing don't start asking yourself "What If" questions.


rouri xx


I think everyone goes through this, the start of a relationship is scary for everyone not just "us sufferers " its opening yourself up and feeling vulnerable, don't be affraid to talk about it! I always tell new people and if they accept it that is good, if they don't! Then that is good too, ass I would not want to be with someone like that anyway and would rather find out sooner than later, good luck and be in the moment



Thank You for the replies. I'll be taking your advice and just relax and see how it goes, no pressure :) hope you're all keeping well x


Gemnewby be you. Be honest with him about the anxiety . If he is a decent person he will like you for you. Like Thunderacer says a relationship is scary, but honesty is the best policy. If people dont accept you for who you are, then they aint worth it.



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