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Started to get sharp pains again in church, it felt like someone was stabbing me in the chest. After i burped a bit it seemed to go away so on my mothers suggestion i have begun to use the product called gas-x and for the past few days i have been pain free. I take about 2 a day. I also have given up on drinking sodas for now substituting water or juice instead with my meals. My anxiety seems to stem from my chest pains so if i can control them i can control it I hope.

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  • sounds like your in control....seems I just panic over, appointments, cant find my keys, so on an so on...everything. When later I think about it, I say to myself what was I so upset over so many things.

  • Agreed i feel a little silly for letting this rattle me. But i guess when you are not use to feeling those kinds of pains if you get them all of a sudden it can be a very scary experience

  • chest pains not always serious....indegestion probably

  • smartguy360, you have a smartmother who suggested gas-x. The simethocone in the product helps break up gas bubbles which was probably causing your stabbing pain in the chest. Omitting soda good idea as well. You've nailed it on the head, if chest pain causes your anxiety to rise then you get rid of the chest pain and the anxiety will go away. This is how I brought down my anxiety immensely by figuring out the cause of the symptoms and where it comes from and it automatically dissolved the worry. Take care.

  • Thanks for the reply i am trying to manage these feelings as best as i can it has been a journey. But when i think of what i have been through it hasn't been all bad. If not for my illnesses i wouldn't have wanted to renew my faith in God. Which is something that i lean on now when i get anxious. Its like my mom said I have to keep calm and I will get through this. I thank everyone who has read my stories and responded having a place to share my experiences is invaluable to me.

  • You could take charcoal pills too, they help with gas. I have to say I admire the way you are dealing with this, looking for the root cause and eliminating it. Too many people have panic attacks, then get anxious about the attacks returning and assume that they have "anxiety" a problem in and of itself. Most people, I feel could trace it back to something and find the cause, as you are doing. However this can't be done in all cases. Some people really do suffer from generalised or chronic anxiety, the problem seems to be a chemical imbalance in the brain.

    There are people with PTSD complicated by issues like survivors guilt and whilst the root cause of their anxiety may be known, (war, surviving an atrocity, a home invasion etc) it can be a very long, laborious task to fix and often anxiolytics or psych meds are needed.

    I'm so glad you're finding relief and working this out. What a nice bonus that you've rediscovered your faith too.

    All the best


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