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Can't lose this weirded feeling!!!!

I'm slowly getting there... Sum days gud sum r damn rite awful but I am experiencing gud periods for longer. The problem I'm having is that when I have a gud day I'm sort of waiting for the anxiety to strike!!! I'm now scared when I have a gud day that I wil fall bac down!!! I hope this makes sense, it's like I'm scared to recovery. Anxiety has been my life for sooo long I don't feel rite without it... Or I'm I going mad ?????

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I understand exactly.

If I don't worry about my health for a day I worry that when the worry does come back it'll be even worse.

And then I worry that I may have missed some vital health problem that I should be worrying about when I'm not worrying!



Hi everyone.. i had a good week last week then BANG yesterday was dreadful bad thoughts headache shakes and dizzy spells woke up wondering how on earth was i going to take my daughter to school.. i keep teling myself dont let this beat you and concentrate on what made me happy last week i guess its all about changing the way we think easier said than done i know think positive it takes time.....


I know what you mean. I get too scared to admit I'm gettin better cuz everytime I do, I get worse again. It's like I'm jinxing myself!! X


Hi, I know what u mean, I feel guilty for feeling better. People say why are u taking tablets, your fine. Next day will be flat again. Its so difficult. Xx


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