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Stupid anxiety. I've not much at all for nearlly a fortnight, but omg its back this afternoon. I feel hot, and sick and its making me feel like I need a good cry. I've gotta fetch the boys from school in half hour, and I feel like this. Think it may because my 10year old I found out today is having a few problems with a boy at school. That's all I've worryed about all day, is that he's ok. But anyone even without anxiety would worry about there child. I know I need to carm down as If I don't I will make my anxiety worser. I've been so postive lately that I can handle my anxiety but today I'm letting it take over. I think I will have a good cry once Ive got the boys home, they will b on there computer for an hour anyway. A good cry is needed at times to make me feel better xxx

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  • Oh Donaf! you have been an inspiration to me and many others. Don't worry please you will be alright. It's only natural to come down sometimes and as you say a good cry often helps. It's a full moon! lets blame that eh? With such a caring Mum like you, your little boy is a lucky little boy and I'm sure he knows it. Bless you! and take care lovie xxxxxx

  • Thanx ellabella, im much more myself now think I just had a really down afternoon, the anxiety doesn't help it meks u feel worser. I am going to blame that full moon. I realise now how far I have come with the anxiety and how much my attitde as changed towards it. I woke up about three times in the night, so I don't think the lack of sleep helped. I can't moan about it thou as I've been sleeping better for a good while now. Plus I picked my son up and he's had a better day at school even thou he played up not to go this morning. I'm just taking it easy now reading a book before the soaps start xxx

  • Hun anyone wud b down after hearing their child is unhappy. Like I av said before our nerves r over sensitive and our bodies av become emotionless . Sit down and think about how u really feel about the situation and go with that... If u r sad then cry. We need to take the control bac and kick start our emotions. U r sooo strong and av done so well. These little slip ups wil happen but dont lose hope. Let the anxiety cum don't fight it u know the worse it can do and av cum thru it many times. Message me any time to chat. Sending u keep strong huggles. U can do it ; ) xxx

  • Glad you are feeling better Donaf, I love the soaps as well lol, am deffo hooked on them! So glad your little boy had a better day! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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