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Sick of my up and down moods

I can go about 2 or 3 weeks with feeling like my tablets are finally working, then as soon as I think I'm well again, I fall right back down again for no reason at all. Why is this?? Am I ever going to live normally again? This is taking over my life! Also, is hypochondria normal for anxiety and depression. I'm always convinced its something more than anxiety :(

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Hi up and downs get me as well I'm fine at the moment but no doubt i'l have a down time in a while I don't know how long you've been on tablets but they can take sometime to settle down and sometimes it will feel like their not working have a word with your dr about this. As for your hypochondria it can be anxiety based i have it it's called health anxiety as some one who suffers anxiety it does make you hyper sensitive to aches and pains and sensations within your body most of them are nothing much when you think about they can't be serious because you cant have so many different things wrong with you at once it seems with me when I get rid of one another pops up just to keep the anxiety going but that will turn out to be nothing like the last one I hope you will feel better soon when your meds settle down I'd say I hope you'll worry less but it seems that's what we're born to do till we realise its a feeling and a condition which can leave us alone once we face it and accept it and start to think about it less I wish you well and happiness look after yourself. Mel


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