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Sick of my life!!

Had blocked ear for 3 weeks and finally been to doctors today to get ear irrigation done and it hasn't worked as the nurse says the wax is hard and to use olive oil to soften it. I don't like using oil as it makes me feel deaf and it sets my anxiety off really bad cos don't like the feeling. I'm back to doctors on Thursday for another ear wash out and I fear it's not going to work again. This is getting me so down as I normally have good hearing :-( does anyone know what will happen if the wax doesn't come out? Will the nurse use an instrument to try scrape it out or do I have to be referred to an ENT specialist for this done?

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Hi Lyns1411, it might be best to see an ENT. They are specialists who have a different

way of approaching ear irrigation as I understand. Of course that feeling sets off your anxiety.

I hope you get it resolved soon. Feel better.


How long does it take to be referred to an ENT? I hope it's not too long. I hate olive oil nd things cos makes u feel really deaf so not a nice feeling at all. I just don't want to use it :-(


Hi Lyns1411, depending where you live and what your insurance is can make a difference. I just saw my GP a couple weeks ago who said she no longer does ear irrigation but sends patients to an ENT. She advised that I use Debrox which is a peroxide base ear wax softening. The ENT apparently has a different way of handling impacted ear wax now a days. Good Luck, I know how annoying that can be.



I had the same problem a few months ago & I hated using the drops to soften the wax and it did trigger my anxiety but I am surprised they even offered to do it without you using them to soften the wax as it can be dangerous , they need you to soften the wax to get a good result in removing it as you have witnessed today it is not very successful if not and also it is better for your ear drum when the wax is softened

If I were you for the sake of a couple of days using it which should lead to a positive result when you have it removed again , I would bite the bullet and do it , even an ENT Doctor would normally ask you to do this as it is procedure even though I appreciate they may have a different way of removing the wax they do like it to be softened

Hope you get it sorted because mine nearly drove me mad when they needed doing but after it was worth it :-)

Take Care x

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What ear drops would u use? Is there any that won't make my ear feel too deaf cos I just hate that feeling x


I know , I did not like it one bit but knew I had to ride through it to get them done and I had to do it for a week :-o

The Doctor gave me mine , I never took any notice of what they were called and now I have thrown them away what was left of them

Hubby had it done and he would just warm some Olive oil over the cooker on a spoon and then he had a little bottle with one of those tops like drops come in and he used that every day before he went the nurse advised him to do that and he was fine , in fact I think that method seemed to work better than the drops my Doctor gave me

If you go in Boots or any chemist they will recommend some if you explain what you need them for but I would advise you give it your best and just keep saying this is just for a few days then it will all be done and better :-) x


I have had my eardrum scraped before, they put a small camera down inside my ear that had a little tool on it for doing the scraping, the camera spots the piece causing the problem and they remove it. It is a bit painful but only lasts a minute or two and is pretty good.


That sounds better then the ear irrigation! The water feels horrible inside ya ear when they do the irrigation. Feels like ya drowning inside. My ear is more blocked now too and feels sore, so god knows what they have done. My friend had hers done at a different doctors and even tho her wax was hard like mine they still managed to get hers out but why can't they get mine out!! Bloody useless ha


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