small success

Hi all despite hardly having any sleep and having a rough nite with symptoms feeling suffocated..Ive been to my sisters today on my own for the first time in 10 months.I was only there about 10 mins or so i was sitting in her chair felt like i was swaying and felt so lightheaded and heart was racing and lump in my throat .But i still sat there i would have stayed longer but sis had to go to out i made a start even though i felt awful and strange.Then i walked home.I also went out in the car and actually went down a dual carriageway first time in 8 months.Im having a bad day symtoms raging but im carrying on best i can.

claire x


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  • Oh well done to you, that's a massive thing to have achieved. As for going down the dual carriageway in the car, wow .......I feel queasy just thinking about it.

    Driving is a big difficulty for me but so is going on public transport !!!!!

    You would have felt so lightheaded as you will have been taking little shallow breaths and not getting a big dose of oxygen.

    If you are still feeling a bit dizzy etc try doing a massive breath out squeezing all the air out of your lungs and then letting your lungs fill up and repeat a couple of times, that way you get a lot of oxygen into your blood which will help with the dizziness and swaying.

    Best wishes PL

  • Hello i know how u feel about the public transport thing i have a fear of that too another one to overcome.We will all get there one step at a time ive only just started going out in my dad car and actually sitting in the front the dual carriage way was a short one so i wasnt to bad but the parkway is the next one.Thankyou for tips on breathing.I hope ur ok and can start to get your life back which im sure u will.

    love claire x

  • Oh Claire! how wonderful! what an achievement! my eyes have filled up with tears of happiness!!! you brave, brave girl : ) I hope you feel very proud of yourself and have a lovely treat!'s brilliant! carry on through the symptoms and DO practise the breathing P/L has described. I was doing that for about 3 hours last night ! I was a total wreck with one thing and another but it DID work. I'm so proud of you! and glad I came on and saw this! It's made my day Lots of Love and Hugs Ella xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Hello Ellabella thankyou for ur kind words and encouragement as always.I will treat myself later going to have a lovely roast pork for dinner my fave food lol x i will continue to practice even though i get days when i dont feel like it from feeling awful but i know there the best times to practice.I hope u are well and are doing ok too.Loads of love and a big hug from me back to you xxxxxxxxxx

  • Plus it's a HUGE Success Sweetheart : ) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Claire that is super awesome xxxx

  • Hi Claire

    This summer I went to see my sister as well after 3 months and various attempts and I was anxious as well.I mean it was such a big thing for me!!Never been there bymyself yet but still that gave me a big boost ..I m sure I would be fine to get there bymyself next time.I have to say u ve been very brave !!!Well done for your big achievement ;-)

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