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Anxiety and drinking

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Hi hope all is well, I haven’t touched a drop off alcohol for 8 years or coffee, due to my eptopic beats just cause I already have them and scared of if get the worse, I would love a coffee and a nice glass off wine just wondering shall I do it or not? Need advice it sounds pathetic I know but I just want to enjoy myself always missing out

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Hypo, just my thought but after 8 years why rock the boat if something hasbeen working for you.

Believe me you may regret the few moments of pleasure which may prompt

the eptopic heart beats. Your choice :) xx

Have you had the vaccine?

I stay away from it too, I guess it’s learning to have fun without the need to drinks. Have a hot chocolate or a tea when you’re out or non alcoholic beers/drinks x

My cardiologist told me not to drink coffee, although decaf may be fine. The best thing is to ask him about the decaf and wine. I believe regular coffee is a no no.

Having coffee or a drink once in awhile probably would be okay, but drinking these everyday would probably become problematic.

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