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I have been having computer problems hence my absence from the site. My computer crashed and the doctor was called and pronounced it to be beyond it's sell by date! So, a new computer. Windows 8 is a nightmare to set up. The old computer has been laid to rest with full computer honours. It is, no doubt, in the great digital heaven where it can reminisce with other old computers about past apps and wonderful downloads; and good luck!! Hope you are all well and will see you son as I get sorted. Love to all. jonathan.

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Hi Jonathan! I am so glad you are among us again! and sorry about your poor old computer who is now at peace : ) I'm very much looking forward to hearing from you again and glad it was not you that has been laid to rest! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Hi. elle. Bless you!. No not yet although with all this talk on the site about death I am beginning to wonder!! Glad to be back among the living. Yes. When I look around I wonder if it is not us sufferers who are alive! Have you ever read "A Tree Grows in Brooklyn"? Two old maids were listening in their home (a tenement block) to a women next door in labour. "How awful" one said. After a moments thought the other one said, "Yes, but she knows she's alive".

I wonder how much our experience in this rotten illness proves we are, at least, alive. Most people 'out there' seem to me to be rather dead! Look after yourself, there are not many of us left!!!. Love. jonathan.


lol oh my god thats one of the funniest posts i have ever read...RIP Jonathans computer hope you are living it up in computer heaven ;0).

Welcome back Jonathan.


Hi. Caz. I have heard from 'the other side' and, yes, he/she is doing fine. Nice of you to ask!!!!!! Best wishes. jonathan.


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