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Hi Everyone, I hope you are all alright, well as alright as possible!. It's been an eventful weekend here in my world and I had a big panic attack on Saturday. Thankfully I kept as calm as possible due to recent teachings I have read both on here and in a book by Dr Claire Weekes. I also put the deep breathing into practise and kept it up for hours! It does work! Instead of ending up a total wreck I fell to sleep and dealt with things bit by bit and will carry on dealing with them. For those that are not familiar with this

Sit or lay in a comfortable position

Place your hand on lower belly

Breathe in through the nose to the count of 7 till your hand moves and you feel as if the breath has hit the belly

Hold for a few seconds

Breathe out from the mouth ....slowly.with pursed lips to the count of 11!!

Always try to breathe out more than you have breathed in

You should feel as if you have got the last of the air right out

Repeat as long as you like

You will find you start to relax over the whole body and if you do this regularly it will become a way of life and can stop a panic attack in it's tracks. I've done this in some places !! try it ! every little bit helps. It's a good habit to have Love and Hugs xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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Aw bless ya. Glad you managed to not let it take over fully. Just remember what a lovely person you are, YOU CAN DO IT!

Lots of love and hugs.

Lou xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


I'm going to have to have a read of these Claire weekes books, I've red one book called at last a life which explained a lot to me. I'm glad u dealt with ur panic attack without adding more panic. I will have to try that wat uve just explained. I just felt my anxiety coming so I've just sat here relaxing watching my kids playing on the computer just leaving it to come. It's gone near enuf now. Xxx


hi ellabella sorry u had a bad panic attack the other day.Well done for not adding second fear u done well.You will get better.Dr Claire Weekes is brilliant the best book ive ever brought.I just tell myself breathe, exhale, sag and float.Hope ur ok sending u hugs xxx


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