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Thank you all

I just wanted to thank you all of you for sharing your stories.I feel blessed cause I have improved soooo much in the last few month and I have to thank you all of you for that,just for the fact that you are here and I don t feel alone as well.I m not cured but much better,I still have good and terrible days but I m here and I m alive.I don t write many blogs anymore but I like to read other posts and give my opinion and support.My heart goes to all of you.Life is hard but we can make it better.with love.

Train 80

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I feel exactly the same as you train! I feel so blessed to have been pointed in this direction, my life has changed for the better in so many ways. Empathy is so brilliant and so is this group! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Im so glad your getting better, I am too :0) i never been a big blog writer but i love this group just chatting to people with similar issues helps me to understand my own anxiety better and helps me to develop ideas on how to deal with things, and most importantly i dont feel alone anymore! Its true talking helps :0) xoxo


Hi train80. Thanks for a very positive blog. So glad you are 'getting there' This is a journey we are on and the goal is obtainable. I went for a flu jab today and, wonder of wonders, it did not bother me a bit. Blessings to all. jonathan.


Well done Jonathan! isn't it great to be able to say that! WELL DONE! xxxxx


Hi ellabella. Thanks to you and all. Trying to help others has helped me a lot. there is a story about a man standing near a style at a Farmers Fair to help people over, if necessary. He stood all day and no one needed help. Then an old lady came along and he helped her over. They said, "Wasn't that a waste of time?" The man said "No!. If I can help just one person in the course of a day then my standing has been worth while". Hope you stay well and have more 'happy outings' !!! jonathan.


sooo happpy for you love, all the best and keep us posted with your progress

love to all



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