Thank you

I would like to say a big thank you for all your get wells when I was in hospital cookie passed them all on and a really big thank you to the greatest other half cookie I love you so much you mean the world to me sweetheart me and you forever and I am really proud off everything you have done and going out

Ad once again thank you to all you lot and I am doing well still in pain but I have the cookie nurse lol and Ming helped me too

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  • Glad you are feeling better , that's good news :-)

    Cookie , keep up the good work ;-)




  • Great to hear your on the mend.

    And well done Cookie


  • Well done, glad you're feeling better, and are being well looked after.

    Keep up the good work.




  • That's lovely to hear

    Sending both of you big hugs love eve x

  • Good to hear you're up and about again :)

    Best Wishes,

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