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My anxiety/derealization resulted in me dropping out of uni I feel like a failure!!!

Iv bee waiting to start my health nd access course for a year iv longed to become a health visitor since have my daughter .. Then in August I was hit with anxiety/deprealiztion which tore away my drive focus and meanings but was determined to try and do what I was to do these ... Things didn't work out as planned I couldn't concentrate and had no drive to keep me there I felt so out of place and miserable I left after 3 weeks and keep beating myself up about it !!!

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hi Robyn! I gave up as well, twice to be exact. last year I gave up after 3 weeks. I was sure I wouldnt manage, I felt like sh..I dont regret now. I will go to uni next year. its not the end of the world. stop kicking yourself lady! anxiety is sth serious,you need to concentrate on your health now, stress managment course? cbt? meds? you have a child, many women in your situation stay at home and get benefits and dont blame themselves for anything. so focus on dealing with anxiety so that you can start your course next year. just like me ;)


oh. I forgot.. the feeling of things being unreal is just our strategy to deal with stress. did you know it? I experienced it and I know how scary it can be. also my brother started a course but he says that he feels so outspaced and unreal that he doesnt imagine to carry on! you are not alone my dear! x


Hi Robynbritton. Not only does it make sense it is true. Do not "beat yourself up". Leave that to others. There are plenty who will do that for you!! You have TIME to come back and start again. You are obviously young enough. Contrary to what you may think now you WILL be able to do this, believe me. Best wishes and keep up the study AS BEST YOU CAN AT THE MOMENT. Don't push yourself. A little at a time. jonathan.


I didn't know that Gatita...that makes a lot of sense xxxx thank you


Hi Robyn - when I was 18 I went to university and ended up dropping out after a year or so.

It was actually a very good idea!

A year later I did a one year course in business and computer skills. This built up my confidence and I went on to do a degree in anthropology and a Masters in Applied Social Research. I now work as a researcher.

You have loads of time. You can study when you're ready. Right now, stop beating yourself up, and be good to yourself. Enjoy this time you have now.


I think it's great that you've got some sense of direction and ambition of where you want to be. Try to be kind and gentle with yourself, take time out to get better and go back next year or the year after. In the meantime maybe do a short course to build your confidence. Have you seen your GP about things and got some therapy or medication? Being a mum is hard work so maybe recognise what you are achieving rather than beating yourself up for what you've yet to achieve. You will get there x


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