The human body is a magnificent mechanism. The capability of the human mind is endless. One must try to understand that our emotions and feelings are our friends and not a foe. Emotions exist for a reason. They are our protector that helps us to deal with a threat to our well being. There are REAL threats and IMAGINED threats. It is important to understand the difference. Imagined threats can be frightening and uncomfortable, but are harmless. These kinds of feelings are a bluff. The way to dispel this kind of fear is to practice letting go, relax, float, and allow the feeling to come with an attitude of acceptance. Do not withdraw from the feeling, and do not add the SECOND fear of "what if." When you learn how to do this, you disarm the fear and its intensity and realize its limitation. Fact: the amount of adrenalin contained in the adrenal gland is LIMITED!!!! The sufferer has already experienced the worst but does not know it. There is no tsunami lurking in the wings waiting to sweep you away.

There is scientific validation for what has been stated regarding the pattern of fear. When a person is experiencing the feeling of fear and panic, they falsely believe that the intensity of the feeling will grow to such a force that they will be overwhelmed, inundated, i.e.: faint, lose control, exhibit some weird behavior and embarrass themselves. This does not happen. This is a milestone, an important revelation because you also become convinced that there is nothing threatening you. There is nothing waiting to overwhelm you. You learn through experience that the power of this feeling is LIMITED. You begin to KNOW that this kind of IMAGINED fear is harmless. Uncomfortable, yes. But harmless. You can engrave this information in stone. It is reliable. CONTINUE TO FEEL FEAR, SURRENDER AND WIN!!


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  • I understand where you are coming from and agree that a positive outlook on anxiety/fear is the way forward in order to overcome such conditions and anyone suffering has to try to get to the mindset you have stated.... I would say when they can think as your saying they would generally be at a stage where they are managing their condition successfully.

    But I would say your posting is generally more directed towards the person that has been suffering a recent slight general anxiety condition rather than someone that has developed a deep grained anxiety disorder over the course of time and suffers panic attacks,depersonalization and derealization on a daily basis.

  • Thank you for support I have visited doctor.. its anxiety which has taken over you he said..but I am doing my best to control it.. but which method will suit me to control it i am not sure about that..

  • Hi Alexben. Do not try and "control" "IT", you will not succeed. Control implies domination over something. I turn again to the dictionary. To Control. "Power to direct something". If we could all do that with our nervous illness would it not be a happy situation. Boy! Your doctor must be a genius. What a diagnosis. "IT has taken you over". What is this elusive "IT" that we talk about. It is no more than the working of a tired mind; a sensitised mind in a tired body. Do not try and control it; fight it; mess with it. Just ACCEPT it for what it is only thoughts and thoughts have no power over you, only the power you give them. Go "through it" with as much courage as you have at the time. If you have been told your problem is "nerves" then believe it. Do not spend hours, days even trying to find a cause. You are like you are at the moment and that needs dealing with. Believe me, most of us have been there and by now have realised the futility of "fighting" this "thing". Get Dr. Weekes book "Essential help for your Nerves. It is not expensive. (A lot cheaper than the "change your life in one weekend" rubbish. Were it so easy!!) You will find very useful advice. YOU WILL COME THROUGH THE TROUBLE if you do it the right way. Blessings and good luck to you. jonathan.

  • Well said mr frompanictopeace, I know exactly what you mean .

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