Acceptance: The Key to Permanent Recovery from Panic and Anxiety

Acceptance: The Key to Permanent Recovery from Panic and Anxiety

Because an attitude of utter and true acceptance is the keystone to recovery when suffering from panic and anxiety, it is vitally important that a person understand acceptance, its exact meaning and how to practice doing it. Unlike learning a dance step or riding a bicycle which requires initiating action, this is more a matter of being still, immobile, and simply "floating" so to speak. The key is to not react to a stimulus. Accepting means allowing unpleasant thoughts, frightening thoughts and even terrifying sensations to come and not withdrawing from them. Allow them to come at any time without preparing for fight or flight,. A person's only response at the moment should be to relax to the best of one's ability, to loosen that tight hold on one's self, to feel one's body go loose all over and not shrinking from any feeling or thought. A person should never be bluffed by a feeling. The thought and feeling is present to be sure. But what a person perceives as a threat is not real and can render no harm. Remember, THOUGHTS AND FEELINGS ARE NOT FACTS. Acceptance is an ally, resistance is a foe. Withdrawal is a jailer. Do not be imprisoned!

A person should not expect to master the technique of acceptance at first. Fear and withdrawal may be an established habit over a long period of time. But as one practices on a repetitive basis, the point will be reached where the thoughts and feelings no longer matter. Then, freed from tension and anxiety, a person's adrenalin releasing nerves will gradually calm down and fear will automatically decrease and finally cease. Oh, what a wonderful revelation! What a sense of peace. Let the feelings and thoughts come. Accept them with a quiet, relaxed courage. Watch how harmless they really are. A person should give themselves as much time as necessary. There is nothing threatening. Give one's self a break. Be kind to one's self. The human body wants to cooperate. This is a method can be trusted with blind obedience. Acceptance really works. With practice, a person will find that acceptance becomes an automatic habit that occurs without conscious thought. Acceptance neutralizes fear every time. Allow one's self to heal with the best available antidote that will never leave: ACCEPTANCE. In acceptance, a person will find the key to recovery from panic and anxiety for the rest of their life.


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6 Replies

  • I reported this earlier Jonathan after I clicked on the link!!! cheeky monkys!x

  • I am sorry if I have offended anyone. I am sincere in my desire to assist those who are suffering. I had the privilege to know Dr. Weekes personally and used her techniques and methods successfully for many years not only to help myself but many others. I found this website and sincerely wanted to share my personal experience and what I have learned that works. I have removed the link.

  • Hi frompanictopeace. Thanks for your reply. Anyone who advocates the work of Dr. Weekes is OK in my book. As you have removed the link I can now say that I agree with every word you say in your blogs. I have been a devotee (!) of Dr. Weekes for many years and I believe she should have got a Nobel Prize for her work. I believe she did get an OBE. Kind regards. jonathan.

  • Hi Frompanictopeace, you did not offend me , I just felt mislead by your link which sounds wonderful in practise....but then went on to charge money for help. Best wishes

  • yes thankyou , you make alot of sense i intend to practise this , joyce stokes

  • thank you for your wonderful advice,I fully understand what your saying,and Iknow every word is true.I am doing CBT at the minute and am practising this really works.hard to do at the start but I feel it working for me....

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