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Which part of Acceptance don't you understand?

Acceptance allows you to recover from panic attacks, feelings of impending doom and a lump in your throat. Acceptance brings an end to visual disturbances, agrophobia and claustrophobia. Acceptance frees you from palpitations, churning stomach and feeling dizzy. Acceptance releases you from nausea and pains in the heart and lower abdomen even though medical tests show there's nothing wrong. Acceptance overcomes your fear of vomiting in public, fainting, heart attack and cancer. Sorry if I've forgotten anything.

Who says so? The late Claire Weekes first said so 55 years ago. She was a doctor and she suffered from anxiety disorder too so she should know. Claire Weekes developed a method of freeing yourself from the symptoms of over sensitised nerves based on acceptance that works for everybody no matter how long you've been ill and no matter how bad you're feeling right now.

Acceptance has cured untold thousands in every continent of the world. Just read the reader reviews of her books on Amazon. This is not an advertisement for her book called 'Self help with your nerves' in the U.K. also called Hope and help with your nerves' in the U.S. But it's certainly a strong recommendation. Who'd have thought that you could recover from anxiety disorder by acceptingit? Claire Weekes did.

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Oh Jeff sounds like your patience is running thin!!!! You have verbalised what i feel too! In fact acceptance can be beneficial in more situations than anxiety. My husband so often uses the example of a cow with horns who puts his head through a fork in a tree to get a juicy bit of grass. When he is finished he pulls back and finds himself stuck with horns caught in the trunk of the tree. He pulls and pulls and fights and fights and is stuck and exhausted. He can never escape while he fights. He dies. All he needed to do was accept and relax and lift his head to release. So don't be a cow!! 😘🦄


Thank you! That really helps me. I can also help others with this information.

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Absolutely true, Jeff. I'm one of the thousands, possibly millions that have recovered by practising acceptance.

The more people understand that acceptance works, the less they will suffer. Nobody has to live with anxiety or put up with it. Acceptance will cure to the extent that it will no longer bother you. You will be more concerned about the situation that causes you to feel anxious instead of concentrating on the symptoms of anxiety.

I see it quite a lot on this website. People have been through personal stuff but then asking questions about why they are feeling bad. They fear the symptoms, otherwise they wouldn't be asking those kind of questions. Fear is the root cause of those symptoms. It is the root cause of all anxiety related disorders.

People without anxiety don't think too much about how they feel when going through stressful times, even though they may not feel great. They still get anxious from time to time, when circumstances dictate but the big difference is that they haven't become fearful of those feelings so don't dwell upon them. They focus on the cause of the anxious feelings, not the feelings themselves.

Anxiousness is a normal human response to stressful situations. The same feelings occur when you are excited, jubilant etc but because it is a positive situation, people don't stop to worry about the symptoms such as a racing heart. Acceptance will restore the balance so that you don't focus on the feelings which are likely to be less intense due to de-sensitisation of the nerves which control the emotions. Sensitisation of the nerves is the reason why symptoms are more intense, fear of those intense feelings creates the perfect storm.

Acceptance and recovery depends on the attitude towards the symptoms. Worry about them all day (not accepting) and they will hang around and get more intense. People then get stuck in the fear adrenalin fear cycle. Fear produces adrenalin, the person reacts negatively to the adrenalin rush (which manifests itself by producing scary thoughts and/or weird bodily sensations) which produces more fear which produces more adrenalin and so on and so on.

If you couldn't care less about them and give them no respect, they disappear. This is acceptance - learning to allow all the symptoms that scare you so much to do exactly that. Let them scare you, observe the thoughts and feelings and learn not to add more fear by withdrawing in fear, running away in fear, pushing away in fear, avoiding etc. Feel it all willingly, relaxing towards the feelings. Sure it feels bad but nothing will happen. They will gradually fade away. They are only feelings but your fearful reaction to them keeps you stuck.

It can take a bit of time to master the art of acceptance, to let if all go and do nothing about it but it is entirely possible. Practice makes perfect.


I want so much to accept and i can see where i struggle. This past week my physical symptoms have been constant ( even while asleep). Heart flutters and jitters and i try to ignore them but with no success. I recognize that i am not accepting because i am focusing on the symptoms still and keep thinking to myself that if the physical symptoms woukd cease then all wiuld be fine... but that is magical thinking. This is just my current struggle.


No need to ignore the symptoms, Cjonesabq, just accept them with the minimum amount of fear that you can. As you know, those heart flutters can't harm you and you'll eventually be free of them. If you can only 'glimpse' acceptance for a minute or two to begin with that's a start. As I say, imagine you are a rock on the shore, the waves of anxiety crash and splash around you then move on but the rock endures. When you feel the symptoms coming feel every muscle in your body relaxing, imagine there's a muscle in your brain too and feel that relaxing. The book is fairly short and written in terms tired minds can understand. You will meet yourself in its pages quite soon.

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Thank you Jeff1943!! You have somehow renewed my fight to accept these symptoms as just "something", like an eye twitch or bum-knee... today I will work a little harder when I get the flutters or that impending doom pain to accept and move past and NOT ruminate and spiral out of control. Thank you friend!! :) :) :)


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