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do things improve?

hello i feel awful today im so dizzy everytime i move its like im going to fall over.Its a feeling like when u wake up to quick its been here all day.I dont know if its just a bad day or whether im feeling worse cos of my monthly cycle due in few days time.Ive been trying not to add second fear but its hard i wanna cry im fed up today very emotional too got my mums anniversary coming up beginning of november and i lost my nan and my aunt this month last year.Maybe im in a setback.I did however still went out this morn with my dad only to local shopping centre feeling awful thought everything was going to start spinning again and this was what happened when i had started getting ill again.Its not my ears or my brain ive had them checked.Also im finding it hard to chill out and i can feel the adrenaline rise and the anxiety and i dont know why im anxious when im in my home.I try to just ket it all happen but i still get scared especially when my heart skips beats as this take my breath away.I know i shouldnt question the whys but i cant help it.Also i know ive got to start socialising but how am i going to cope being around people and having them in my house when im feeling like this its hard to concentrate when i feel horrible.Living like this is really getting me down i need some guidance im having counselling at home but dont feel its working its been 3 weeks now and all im doing is working through a guide book.I cant even take meds cant handle the side effects from them on top of my anxiety symptoms.Plus i now have a fear of taking them as every medication ive taken has made me sick or given me chronic diarohorea.Any support and advice would be much appreciated.

luv claire xx

luv claire xx

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Hi, Im new to this site, and you've practically just described how I've been feeling too. I always find though, that when I'm busy doing something i.e college work, house work, etc my mind goes completely off the anxiety. Although if I sit there and think about the anxiety, I can easily bring the symptoms on myself cuz its already in my head. I know its easier said than done, but try exercise or anything that will keep your mind active. When I first started taking citalopram, I had really bad gastritis and I will admit, the pain was unbearable at 1 point, but I had to grin and bear it for just a few days. The side effects do go away after a few days so its definitely worth being ill for a few days extra. xxx


Hi Claire,

Sorry to hear you are feeling so unwell, but honestly, things do improve. You sound like you are very aware of all the feelings you are carrying with anxiety, but rather than be aware, just acknowledge and accept them. I know that sounds a bit silly, but in being aware and thinking about how horrible the feelings are, you are fighting against the anxiety which in turn makes it worse. I constantly had palpitations and I hated the feeling. As soon as it started I would think 'go away' and in doing that, I panicked myself more, however now, I sit back and relax and just breathe calmly and think 'OK, it's happening, it's fine as I'm still breathing and alive' and I find that within about 5 minutes I am feeling OK again.

I think the thing with anxiety is it effects you physically, more than people realise. I fight my attacks in both ways of sitting on the couch and relaxing as sometimes I am too tired to get up and go, or sometimes I get up and out and walk the dog to take my mind off it. I have suffered with anxiety for around 7-8 months now and although I do have small attacks every so often it is nowhere near as bad as it was as I deemed it unbearable back then.

It really does get better, you just have to concentrate on the positives as hard as it is but it does pay off. x


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