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Need some advice

Hi there, this is the first time I have used this website or any sort of online support. I'm currently suffering from anxiety attacks constantly. I feel like I have an attack about 5 times a day at the minute and I am taking propananol and diazapem from the doctor but even this doesn't seem to help much! My anxiety is the first thing I think about in the morning and is constantly on my mind all day. I know this can't be helping but I am constantly fearing the worst and just dreading the next time my anxiety will over come me.

I am currently on the waiting list of EMDR - has anyone with anxiety ever had this treatment? The physical symptoms of anxiety such as dizziness and headaches and feeling out of the situation are pretty normal for me to feel all day and I hate it. Does anyone have any advice of what to do or has anyone ever felt like this?

Thank you for reading!

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Put up with it and know it will leave off one day is all I can offer I'm afraid.

The more you dwell on it the worse it will get - I know from bitter experience!


Hi, I suffer badly too from Anxiety, so much so it hurts. I've been fighting now for 11 months and I feel I'm fighting for my life. You are not alone in this, stay strong, be kind to yourself and give yourself every opportunity to recover.


Don't fight it. This just makes it worse. Anxiety is adrenaline overload and negative thoughts. You need to do exercise to lower the adrenaline levels i.e. Running and tell your thoughts to go away, pretend you are a positive thinker and eventually its supposed to become real.


hi,im new on here also,but have suffered anxiety to some degrees for many years,but try my hardest to keep it contained.i know mine stems from an unhappy home life,and work probs sometimes just tip me over the fine balance,but i have children to support and its that,which takes me through the really tuff days. im really down right now,but i know with determination i can turn this around........its good to talk........even on here.,


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