Angry From The Most Smallest Things... And Irretated And Taking It Out On The Ones That Care Most?! :(

this week has been a nightmare for me! i've been angry for the most stupid reasons and i take all my anger out on my friends people wont get out of my face and i'm finding it so hard to concentrate on things, i came home from school early today because its just to much for me and i lose energy so easily, i hate being round to many people because it makes me nervous and paranoid i have no one to talk to because no one know what it feels like but i'm typing it on here because you all know what it feels like, i just need a friend that will be there when i need to talk to someone because when i talk to someone i feel better afterwards but i just dont see the point in telling someone who doesnt understand my feelings and emotions. xx


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  • hi anxiety will make you irritable and if you are tiered as well although people mean well unless they have been through anxiety they don't really understand I get very irritable and learning to cut it off by doing something else to take my mind off that moment it is hard but try

  • i do, when people are being nasty or annoying in class.. the one thing i do id block my ears because if not i either cry or lash out, anxiety is horrible and i hate it, nice to talk to someone who knows what its like, for the past two weeks its been the worst i'm just constantly angry and upset :( xxx

  • Agitation is just another symptom brought on by anxiety and depression, try explaining it to those close to you and it may help them understand a little more. A great book to help you explain things to them is called 'I had a Black Dog', you can get copies from Amazon quite cheap.

  • Hi, have you seen a doctor , has this been a problem that has been around for a while? I'm so glad that you have friends that care. Of course we are here for you anytime you need us. I'm sure it helps coming on here because it helps me too. It's great to be able to say how you feel and know that others on here identify with you. Keep posting and say exactly how you feel. I personally feel the anger is brought on by frustration. By not understanding why this is happening to you. The book above is good to read, try it.... Best Wishes xxxxx

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