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Has anxiety pushed everyone around you away?

Hi everyone!

Is it just me being paranoid I feel like my anxiety has pushed everyone away.

My 9 yr relationship ended last year.

My mom seems to avoid me, I tend to go to her everytime I feel something.

I only have one friend, :(

My uncles family have been a blessing accepting me and my children into there home whenever I have a panic or just n need of someone.

But it feels like no one wants to talk to me because of my hypochondriac ways. :(

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Hi there

I think anxiety and all that comes with it can make us feel incredibly lonely............ I also feel really needy when Im in a state of anxiety and its a horrid feeling............

I feel the same with my family whom I live with, they have been great but Ive such a long time with my recovery that I feel like theve had enough of me............

So really Im just empathising with you and saying youre not on your own in your thoughts.....

Take care x



Weare in the same boat at least we have this wonderful forum to be able to connect with :)



Hi Always. Yes when my anxiety is high I want people but I can't relate to them. I panic because loads of people say 'we must meet up' ' go out' but my anxiety prevents me then they think I don't want to see them etc. I have no close friends now but I realised I've scuppered so many chances of relationships. I'm on meds now so maybe things will improve. I just wish this horrible anxiety would just stop! X


It really does end relationships, or makes you realize who's welling to stick it out and help.

I'm hoping that it well help you. I'm not currently on any meds to help unfortunately

My doc wants me to do some self help before going starting meds


This seems to be a constant with we who suffer with anxiety... I can say that mine has made me turn inward a lot more than I used to . I sometimes will stay home rather than go out.. Just because I am tired or depressed. I don't have many friends either which is another common factor it seems. I get myself into a pickle at times because I feel that I am useing my friends as therapy... I only go to see them when I feel like I have isolated myself to much ...I don't really have anything to say to them when I get like this.. steve


Sorry to hear that Steve.

And it depresses you more not being able to connect with them. It makes me feel like the odd one out. I find myself coming on here more and more because I love the connection we make with people here the understanding and being able to just be us, the worrierers :) soon to be warriors that beat this anxiety.

We are here to help each other out . :)


My anxiety has pushed people I care about and I seem to only have one friend but on the other hand, my family have also been pushed away so I couldn't turn to them in my times of need simply because I haven't had the words to say, the only person who really knows how to handle my anxiety is my counselor as he can tell when I am feeling anxious and he won't rush me to tell him anything


There's always the one friend that stays, family should be there but sometimes that's not possible it hurts :(

Well that's good that you have a very understanding counselor :)


Hi Yaz. Love your worriers soon to be warriors! Yes we all do battle on. It's a battle in us that others can't see though. But at least on this forum we know each other's daily fight. xx


Awe thank you Sam.

Yes if only they knew, but you wouldn't wish this on anyone.

Thank goodness that we do have one another here :)



Hi+ ++

Have you tried explaining to people how your anxiety makes you feel? although i sometimes find if they haven't had anxiety themselves this is very difficult. I can become very self obsessed when the anxiety takes over and this means I can be needy. I don't know what the answer is except maybe to keep talking about how you are feeling and maybe to come on sites like this where others understand.



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