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Since my last blog I have now almost titred off the propanolol. I also saw an occupational health doctor at works request which was fine even though I had to recount the last few months which is never pleasant. It helped that I had written a short history to give to him which he was able to read.

In terms of my health nothing much has changed. The stress of being off work has subsided a bit but thoughts of the future remain daunting. My focus for the next two weeks is to quit alcohol and get some more exercise to help me sleep better. The book on depression by Dr Tim Cantopher was so good I got hold of his book on alcohol for some inspiration.

I have also received an appointment to see the mental health link worker with a view to maybe seeing the psychiatrist for medication review but have to wait a month. I was aware that the wellbeing services were under pressure and that just confirms it:(

Stay well people.

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what a positive post Rogitian! I know that wasn't easy and things will seem daunting, I don't know of that Dr.

Tim but will look him up. let us know how you go.




Thanks Sandra, your comment is very kind.

Dr Cantophers book on depression is well worth reading. Written by a psychiatrist but from in normal language!


Great to hear how well you're doing! Good luck with coming off alcohol - I'll definitely look up Tim Cantopher's book. I'm taking a gentle approach to coming off the booze, I've banned anger, guilt and blame in this process. I've also tried to replace the booze activity with other things, such as cooking, going to the gym and taking singing lessons (these are amazing, the lessons involved body posture, relaxation, concentration and music, almost like musical mindfulness).

Also mocktails. Never forget the mocktails.....


Hey all

Finding your comments very inspirational here!

If anyone is interested Tin Cantopher was on Radio 2 the other day and it was very interesting - there's 3 days left to listen!

Not sure how far in you have to scroll to get him though!

Laura x


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